The best map codes for gun games in fortnite (2023)

Epic Games introduced Creative to Fortnite in 2018 and players have been testing their skills ever since. This mode allows players to unleash their creativity and create the map they want with the many tools provided.

Creative mode contains a wide variety of genres, including horror maps, murder mystery maps, hide and seek maps, etc. However, the gun game maps have also conquered the creative mode and are liked by many players.

These maps keep things relatively simple and improve the player's shooting skills. If you feel like you need to practice shooting with different firearms, this is the map to choose!

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The rules for this mode are pretty simple, where you play with a group of players on a selected map code. The goal is to eliminate as many players as possible, and with each elimination you will earn a new weapon. The first player to get an elimination with each weapon wins!

Each Gun Game map has different rules, unique textures, map layouts and much more. The following are some of the most played and highest rated gun game map codes in Fortnite.

Best Gun Game Map Codes in Fortnite

Here is a list of the best gun game map codes popular with a large number of people:

  1. Bikini Bottom Gun Set:3300-7669-9591
  2. Summer Gun Game:5497-9533-0527
  3. Terminal (Modern Warfare 2) Gun Game:4340-5772-0250
  4. Among Us Gun Game:1665-4835-6529
  5. Gun Game: Mars:3246-2759-9251
  6. Gun Game Mission:8402-5347-6470
  7. FortCraft Gun Game:3423-7109-4953
  8. First person gun game:6821-7528-4726
  9. Gun game in the zoo:8169-7821-3985
  10. Crack jumpers:7101-2798-6542

1. Bikini Bottom Gun Game: Save

map code:3300-7669-9591

The best map codes for gun games in fortnite (1)

If you grew up watching SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon and are now a fan of Fortnite, this epic crossover is for you! This map is based on the underwater city ofbikini bottom,inspired by SpongeBob SquarePants, where you will explore the map and fight against your friends.

Although this map is for SpongeBob fans, other players will also appreciate its gameplay. This vibrant cartoon-inspired map features many twists, such as the introduction of new enchantments to the game every thirty seconds.

By enchantments, we mean introducing random mechanics to the map like sliding, low gravity, damage buffs, and more. So get ready to roam multiple weapons with new events constantly happening around you!

2. Summer Gun Game

map code:5497-9533-0527

The best map codes for gun games in fortnite (2)

If you're stuck at home and want to spend time at the beach but can't find a way, then we bring you the Summertime Gun Game Fortnite code. You can live the beach life virtually through your character in Fortnite and enjoy a day at the most beautiful beach,¡A Praia do Slurp!

The popular Gun Game Map code completes the picture of beaches with fast food trucks, a Ferris wheel, and even a boardwalk with carnival games. Head to Slurp Beach and be the first to arrive25 eliminations!

3. Terminal (Modern Warfare 2) Gun Game

map code:4340-5772-0250

The best map codes for gun games in fortnite (3)

The creator of Terminal MW2 Gun Game,James,he took his time creating this map, which can be seen through the details. This map is popular and favorite of all the players who enjoy Call Of Duty games.

This map is a new version of the terminal inmodern warfare 2, and its design is perfect! It's exactly how anyone would remember it from Modern Warfare, with a big plane and explorable kiosks. A total of16 playersYou can enter this map, and the first person with thirty eliminations wins.

In this creative gun game map code fight in an airport terminal or surprise attack your opponents while hiding in the plane.

4. Gun Game Among Us

map code:1665-4835-6529

The best map codes for gun games in fortnite (4)

With the release of Among Us and its popularity, it became one of the most unexpected gaming hits, so much so that it even got its own LTM in Fortnite. Players could predict that a crossover would be coming soon and were desperately waiting for one!

The creator of this map,It is,it finally gave players what they were looking for and made it exactly like the game. If you are a fan of murder mysteries and gun games, then this creative map is made just for you!

The action takes place inoh scold, the original map of Among Us, and consists of openings through which you can transport yourself from one place to another.

5. Gun Game: Mars

map code:3246-2759-9251

The best map codes for gun games in fortnite (5)

Have you ever sat down and wondered what it would be like to be on Mars? Then just play this exciting gun game map code and you will feel it for yourself! This is a fun map as it features a red rocky surface and smaller buildings that resemble an ancient space civilization.

Different players will fight against the list of weapons while taking cover, hiding among the red rocks and buildings. Additionally, players can change gravity in each game and experiment with countless weapon combinations.

The Gun Game: Mars is a unique game in that it has multiple mod options that allow players to choose the modes that are most appropriate for them. Go ahead, round up some of your friends and drag them to Mars for a wild and gruesome battle!

6. Gun Game Mission

map code:8402-5347-6470

The best map codes for gun games in fortnite (6)

Gun Game Quest is a bit different from the other Gun Game maps, but it is just as exciting and thrilling. In this game, instead of playing a round where you have to use all the weapons to win, you will have to"Upar"their weapons killing them with them.

The more kills you get, the higher the rarity of your weapon. If you get knocked out, just select your preferred loadout again, spring into action and start killing!

This twist on the classic Gun Game formula ensures that players can use the weapons they like. You will be stuck with this map once you start playing and you might end up playing it every time.

7. FortCraft Gun Game

map code:3423-7109-4953

The best map codes for gun games in fortnite (7)

FortCraft Gun Game Map is not an official cross between Fortnite and Minecraft, but a fan-made game map that combines both games in the most interesting way possible.

Jeremiasg2005is the creator of this brilliant map, and if you like Fortnite and Minecraft, you should give this map a try! In this mode, there21 armasavailable, and players can witness a host of Minecraft-themed mechanics.

FortCraft Gun Game Map consists of everything one can expect from Minecraft and Fortnite. This game is worth playing if you want to take a break from Battle Royale with something light and fun!

8. First Person Gun Game

map code:6821-7528-4726

The best map codes for gun games in fortnite (8)

If you are one of the adventurers and want to pick up the pace then try the first person gun game. It's a well-established fact that players play Fortnite in a third-person perspective, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to play in first-person?

If so then try this gun game map and get25 deathsto be victorious! Play this map with your friends and your squad and experience the exciting new first-person perspective that will keep you on your toes throughout the game.

9. Gun game at the zoo

map code:8169-7821-3985

The best map codes for gun games in fortnite (9)

Zoo Gun Game Map is another interesting version of Gun Game mode, where each player is placed in the zoo to fight on the map differently.animal classesEach animal class has its own distinct benefits, which means you need to tailor your playstyle according to your weapon list.

People who are bored with Gun Game mode will appreciate this new version of the original mode and find it exciting. After all, who doesn't want to play a map that consists of both violence and animals?

10. Crawl jumpers

map code:7101-2798-6542

The best map codes for gun games in fortnite (10)

As part of the Rift Jumpers map, players can switch between land and water using thecrack jumping mechanicfrom the main game. At any time during the match, players can instantly move between land cover and the low gravity of water at will to take cover or set abilities.

However, outside of the Rift feature, the map works similar to other maps. A total ofsixteen playerscan play this map, and the first to have20 deathsis the winner of the match. This gun game is sure to get your heart pounding as you fight on land and water!

Rift Jumpers game map has proven to be the most popular and unique experience currently available for Gun Game mode. The creator of this game map goes by the name ofkiwiand is a famous creator in Fortnite.


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