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To Batalha de Kaer Morhenit's amain missiontheythe witcher 3what happens inKaer Morhen. On this mission, Ciri meets with her mentors as she prepares for the upcoming battle.

Battle of Kaer Morhen Walkthrough


Characteristicsteleportation andgeraltfrom therethe island of mistsat the end of the previous mission. After a happy reunion between Ciri and her mentors, it is time to prepare the fortress for the coming battle. The Wild Hunt is after Ciri and won't stop until they catch her. Follow Yennefer and Triss to the main hall to organize your party of warriors.

Observation:Who shows up depends on who you went to see between missions."ugly baby"e"The Island of the Mists.” Most of the recruits are fromside missionscomplete inMany,Novigrad, miDistinctive. you can recruitZoltánand Ermion without looking for them, just go see them!Trish, Leto eKierawill be inKaer Morhenautomatically if you did their respective missions and told them to go there. To recruit Roche, Ves, Cerys, Folan, Vigi and Hjalmar you must do their respective missions and visit them. Be sure to check out Crach in Skellige too. He gives you a powerful sword. Verify:full crewfor all the details.

Inside, preparations are made. You have two important decisions that affect the battle. The first option is that of Vesemir.potionsor Eskel's traps. If you choose the potions you will get SuperiorSwallowmiRay. If you select the traps, the booby traps that attack onlyenemiesit will be placed in the backyard of Kaer Morhen. The second option is to fix the breach or dig up the arsenal. Patching up the wall leads to fewer waves of fighters later in the battle. Clearing the armory gives all warlocks shiny silver swords. All your call. Make decisions and motivate the group. When Lambert returns with the requested equipment or repairs, all you have to do is leave the main hall to start the battle.

There are a total of five parts in this epic battle. Three with Geralt and two with Ciri. The first part takes place outside the fortress walls. Geralt, Lambert, and Letho (if you invited him) ambush the Hunt with Yennefer's invisibility tokens. There are three portals that you must close. Go from left to right, as the portal on the left is the closest. You can destroy a portal in two ways. Use a Lambert dimerium pump or useattendto destroy them. The portals are guarded by two dogs and one or two warriors ofthe wild hunt.

Get as close as possible and drop a bomb, then take out the guards at that portal. Wearfogto keep your distance and finish them off. Do the same for the middle portal. When you get close to the third portal, sneak up and destroy it without being seen if you can. Once you get rid of the portal, a cutscene will start right after. Triss did not rain fire on the signal. Something is holding her back.

Ciri flees from the safety of the fortress. She is too impatient to wait for people to fight for her. She notices the signal and leaves to help Triss. She runs to him and fights the Hunt. She watches the portals so they don't flank you. She uses Blink and the pendant Triss gave you if you're in trouble. When the five or six dogs and two or three warriors are eliminated, Triss helps Geralt and his crew.

Going back to Geralt, the fire is literally raining down. He climbs on the roach and avoids the fireballs as you run back to Kaer Morhen. When you walk through the door with Lambert (and Letho), Vesemir is in trouble. Help him close a portal and a door by running to the wall and flipping the switch. He runs back to the heart of the fortress, up the stairs and to the right. You will see Vesemir fighting a warrior. Go through it and pull the lever to close the door and slow Hunt's attack on the fort. He goes down the wall and kills off the warriors Vesemir, Lambert and Letho are facing. When they drop, he runs to the yard with everyone else.

He fights five warriors and dogs in the courtyard, saving Lambert in the process. Vesemir will call for a retreat beyond the gate with Eskel. He make your way up the stairs, close any portals you see, and kill the Hunt along the way. When you get to the door, Triss will join you, but the door isn't open. Eskel is in trouble. Ciri needs to help him.


Control Ciri again, jump to save Eskel after her duel withCaranthir. He fights against four warriors. He takes Eskel and goes to the courtyard to open the door. Fighting dogs and warriors at the gate, about fourenemiestotal. When everyone is down, turn the wooden wheel to open the door for everyone.

The last part of the battle is upon you. Back in Geralt's control, you need to focus on closing portals. Go through the enemies and close the portals. If you run out of Dimeritiumbombs, to useattendto close them. Usually there are three portals at once. Destroy them and fight the Hunt. Listen to Eskel call for help. Race to stop the next wave, close portals and fight warriors. Finally, Triss will call for help at the gate. She goes back down and fights this last wave.

Halfway through the fight, the ending cutscene will trigger. The Hunt has stopped, but as they say, the battle can be won, but the war is far from over - this will end with the Battle of Kaer Morhen and the next main story quest will begin,blood on the battlefield.

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