The 3 Best Nursing Programs in NYC, NY (2023)


New York City has an extremely diverse population, and the health care system that has evolved to meet the needs of the city is also diverse. If you attend one of the accredited nursing schools in New York, your clinical rotations will likely include top-tier private medical facilities, teaching hospitals, and specialty clinics. Nearly 14,000 nurses work in various roles in the Big Apple; they earn approximately $129,000 a year. Interested in training as an NP in NYC? Read the information below to find out about the best nursing programs in New York for 2023.



1. New York University Rory Meyers School of Nursing

The 3 Best Nursing Programs in NYC, NY (1)

Programs offered:

BS/MS Dual Degree,MSN, miAdvanced Certificates

What if you can complete the BSN and MSN-Nurse Practitioner courses in one program? This convenience can help you get to graduate school much faster and save tuition costs as well. Well, you can pursue that program with New York University's Rory Meyers College of Nursing. It offers not only this double degree, but also an MSN program and advanced certificates with various specialization options. Here are some of the best nursing programs in New York known for their innovative research and evidence-based curriculum. In addition, the talented faculty at this second-largest private nursing school in the US engage in groundbreaking research, making it the eighth most NIH-funded nursing school in the country.

Dual Degree BSN/MSN Concentrations:

Adult acute care, adult gerontology primary care, family, pediatrics and mental health

To be eligible for this dual degree, you must have completed an ADN and have a current RN license. As a dual degree student, you may choose to specialize in adult acute care, adult primary care, family health, or mental health. The program offers you the unique advantage of substituting three to six elective credits for MSN credits during the last semester of your BSN course. Alternatively, if you choose to complete the electives, you must still complete at least one MSN course before completing the BSN course. After finishing the BSN portion, you will complete MSN core, APRN, and specialty courses to ultimately graduate with a double degree.

MSN Concentrations: Adult Gerontology Intensive Care NP,Primary Care Adult Gerontology PN,family NP,NP of Pediatrics, miPsychiatric-Mental Health NP

This MSN program is available in specializations that will lead you to leadership roles in areas of Adult Critical Care, Adult Primary Care, Family Health, Pediatrics, or Mental Health. Whatever your career goals, you'll gain skills and knowledge that cover basic nursing theory, population-based care, research, and issues and trends in healthcare delivery. The program begins in the fall, spring, and summer, and to be eligible you must have completed a BSN or ADN with a bachelor's degree in a field other than nursing. Additionally, you must have a free RN license and a minimum of one year of full-time work experience as a registered nurse. You will hardly find nursing programs in New York New York that offer additional specialty sequences as a supplement to APRN tracks. With this MSN, in addition to your chosen specialization, you can complete 12 credits of specialty courses in Holistic Nursing, Hospice Care, or Substance Use Disorders.

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Advanced Certificate Concentrations:

PE Adult-Acute Gerontology, PE Adult-Primary Care Gerontology, PE Family, PE Pediatrics and PE Psychiatric-Mental Health

This advanced certificate is intended for MSN graduates who want to specialize in an area of ​​interest. Additionally, if you have already earned an APRN credential, by completing this certificate in any of the four concentrations, you can further your role as an advanced practice nurse and gain eligibility for certification in other approaches to population.

2.Columbia University

The 3 Best Nursing Programs in NYC, NY (2)

Programs offered:

Post-BSN a DNP,Post-MSN a DNP,DNP subspecialtiesmiMaster Direct Input (MDE)

Founded in 1892, Columbia University trains nursing professionals to become advocates for social justice and health equity. It actively supports health as a human right and this is reflected in all aspects of the nursing school, be it the training of nursing professionals it offers, the research programs or its various policies. Of all the nursing programs in New York, Columbia School of Nursing stands out for the varied program options it offers. Thus, there are five major options you can graduate from, by enrolling in the Post-BSN to DNP, Post-MSN to DNP program, or the Master's Direct Entry Route. Also, as a DNP graduate, you can gain specialist skills by completing any of the subspecialty certificates. Regardless of the program you enter, you will graduate as a culturally sensitive and evidence-based advanced practice nurse.

Post-BSN concentrations for DNP:

Adult Gerontology Intensive Care Nurse (AG-ACNP),Primary Care Nurse in Adult Gerontology (AG-PCNP),Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP),Pediatric Primary Care Nurse (PNP), miPsychiatric Mental Health (PMH) Nurse

If you completed your BSN and are interested in furthering your nursing education, this BSN to DNP pathway might be considered. With five concentration options, you'll graduate with a DNP and an NP credential in your chosen specialty. The program is offered full-time and takes three years to complete. Depending on the track you choose, you will complete 76 to 90 credits in didactic and clinical courses. As part of his training, he also does clinical rotations at some of the best healthcare centers in the tri-state region.

Post-MSN concentrations for DNP:

Adult Gerontology Intensive Care Nurse (AG-ACNP), Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse (AG-PCNP), Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), Pediatric Primary Care Nurse (PNP), and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse (PMH)

This route is generally intended for RNs who have completed their MSN or an MSN-APRN program. If you enter after earning an MSN, it will take you 2.5 years to complete this program in your chosen major. Whereas, as an MSN graduate who is also an APRN, you will earn the final DNP degree in another specialty in six semesters. Both pathways are offered full-time.

DNP subconcentrations:

Oncology Nurse

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If you are looking for nursing programs in New York to train you in the specialized care of cancer patients and their families, this Oncology Professionals Scholarship Program should be at the top of your list. The program is open to students following any of the nursing practice tracks. To become an oncology nurse, you must complete courses in your chosen major concentration, along with courses in adult oncology or pediatric oncology. During your clinics, you may choose to complete a clinical rotation at a cancer center and gain hands-on experience managing the physical and psychological needs of cancer patients. Upon completion of this track, you will be eligible to take the oncology certification exam.

Master Direct Entry (MDE):

Adult Gerontology Intensive Care Nurse (AG-ACNP), Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse (AG-PCNP), Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), Pediatric Primary Care Nurse (PNP), and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse (PMH)

Don't have a nursing background and are interested in a career change to nursing? Well, to become a nurse in New York, you can enroll in this direct entry program that helps you graduate as a master's-prepared nurse in just 15 months. Also, to obtain specialized skills, he can pursue any of the four concentrations. Also, if you want to become a clinical leader, this program also makes you eligible to co-apply for the DNP. Upon completion of the MSN course, you will be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN exam and obtain Registered Nurse status. After that, if he chooses to earn an advanced degree, he will advance to APRN and DNP courses.

3.Hunter College de CUNY

The 3 Best Nursing Programs in NYC, NY (3)

Programs offered:

MSN,DNPand Advanced Graduate Certificate

Hunter College of CUNY has been committed to excellence in nursing education for more than 60 years. This premier nursing school at the City University of New York produces nursing leaders who are trained to serve the diverse urban population. Its RNs are located in some of the best healthcare facilities in the city and beyond. Located on the Brookdale Health Sciences Campus, NP students are provided with clinical learning opportunities not only on campus, but also in various clinical settings throughout the city. To fulfill your advanced practice nursing career aspiration, you can enroll in one of their evidence-based MSN, DNP, or advanced nursing certificate programs in New York.

MSN Concentrations:

Gerontology/Adult NursemiMental health and psychiatry nurse.

To qualify for this NP program in New York, you must have completed a BSN with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and you must have a current New York RN license. The program comes with specialty options in adult care/gerontology and mental health. Classes are held on campus with full-time and part-time scheduling options. Regardless of the career you choose, to graduate you must earn 42-48 credits and complete approximately 630 hours of clinical experience.

DNP concentrations:

Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner (AGNP), Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP), and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

This DNP program builds on your nursing knowledge and aims to equip you with advanced skills in evidence-based practice, healthcare leadership, and healthcare delivery improvement. To enter this program, you must be a BSN or MSN graduate. You can choose to specialize in adult gerontological care, mental health, or family health and complete the program full-time or part-time. Depending on the track you enter, you must complete between 48 and 90 credits and 1000 clinical hours.

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Advanced Graduate Certificate Concentrations:

Mental health and psychiatry nurse.

If you are a BSN or DNP graduate who is interested in nursing care of mental health patients, you may want to consider this 36-credit certificate. Along with hands-on classes, your training also includes 630 hours of clinical experience at medical facilities throughout New York City.

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Nursing Professional Programs in Other Cities

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    The 3 Best Nursing Programs in NYC, NY? ›

    1. University of Rochester, Rochester. About University of Rochester School of Nursing: The School of Nursing at the University of Rochester prepares students for health care leadership roles both in professional practice and in research.

    What is the #1 nursing program in NYS? ›

    1. University of Rochester, Rochester. About University of Rochester School of Nursing: The School of Nursing at the University of Rochester prepares students for health care leadership roles both in professional practice and in research.

    What is the #3 nursing school in the US? ›

    Emory University

    #3 Best Colleges for Nursing in America.

    What is the easiest nursing program to get into in NYC? ›

    Easiest nursing degree program to get into in New York

    College of Mount Saint Vincent has an acceptance rate of 93%, with an SAT Range of 910-1090, making it the least exclusive college with a nursing program on our list.

    Which CUNY is best for nursing? ›

    LONG ISLAND CITY, NY (October 27, 2022) — The LaGuardia Community College/CUNY Nursing Program is ranked #1 among New York State's 2023 Best RN Programs by

    How much does a 2 year nursing degree pay in New York? ›

    Salaries by years of experience in New York, NY
    Years of experiencePer hour
    Less than 1 year$61.09
    1 to 2 years$65.66
    3 to 5 years$68.92
    6 to 9 years$71.41
    1 more row

    How much is RN school NYC? ›

    Tuition is $14,930 per semester for 12-17 credits for students in the traditional and the accelerated options. The fourth option is a 100% online RN to BSN program for current RNs with a diploma or associate degree in nursing. Cost for the RN to BSN program is $638 per credit.

    Which nursing degree is best? ›

    The BSN is the nursing degree that most employers prefer, and it provides graduates the best career opportunities straight out of school.
    The Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD) is the best nursing degree an individual can earn for a career as a:
    • Nurse Researcher.
    • University Professor.
    • Nurse Administrator.

    Where is the best place to study nursing? ›

    The best country to study nursing
    • Finland. Studying in Finland means equality for all! ...
    • The Netherlands. Because of its advanced healthcare and strong economy, the Netherlands is among the best country to study nursing. ...
    • Sweden. Sweden is another best country to study nursing. ...
    • Hungary. ...
    • Cyprus. ...
    • South Korea. ...
    • Hongkong. ...
    • Singapore.

    What are the three types of RN? ›

    They are messenger RNA (mRNA), transfer RNA (tRNA), and ribosomal RNA (rRNA).

    How do I become an RN fast in NYC? ›

    Through the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program at Felician University, students with a non-nursing bachelor's degree or at least 60 college credits can earn a BSN in as few as 16 months.

    What is the hardest nursing class to take? ›

    Hardest Nursing School Classes
    • Pathophysiology. In this course, students learn how different anatomical systems work and how diseases or injuries affect these systems. ...
    • Pharmacology. ...
    • Medical Surgical 1 (also known as Adult Health 1) ...
    • Evidence-Based Practice.

    How long is nursing school in NYC? ›

    This two-year program prepares students to serve the health needs of individuals in a variety of health care settings. The program can be completed in either two years of full-time study or four years of part-time study.

    What is the #1 ranked CUNY school? ›

    CUNY colleges also feature prominently among DegreeChoices' best in New York state, with Baruch ranked No. 1 followed by Lehman (2), City College (4), Hunter (5), Brooklyn College (6), John Jay College (7) and Queens College (8).

    What is the number 1 CUNY? ›

    #1: Baruch College — Kips Bay, Manhattan

    Baruch College is ranked within the top 200 national colleges and universities by Forbes and Niche, and has a cumulative A- grade, the highest grade given by students on Niche of any CUNY school.

    What is the highest paid nurse in NYC? ›

    NYC Nursing Salary by Occupation

    Nurse anesthetists earn the highest RN salary in NYC, with an average of $218,380, compared to the national average of $189,190.

    Who are the highest paid nurses? ›

    Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) earn a nationwide average of $202,470 per year according to the BLS; this makes CRNAs the highest-paying type nursing job by a significant margin.

    What GPA do you need for 2nd entry nursing York? ›

    To be eligible for this program, applicants must have completed a minimum of 60 credits at a recognized university prior to admission (equivalent to at least ten (10) university full courses), with a cumulative grade point average of at least a B (6.0 on the York Scale) and a B+ (7.0) average in the last 30 credits.

    How many years does it take to be an RN in NY? ›

    This registered nurse diploma typically takes about two years to complete; however, some take less or more time. Diploma RN programs aim to prepare students to take the NCLEX-RN exam upon completion of the program.

    What is the hourly rate of an RN in NY? ›

    Average Nurse Salary in New York

    New York is one of the higher paying states for registered nurses. The registered nurse salary in New York is $96,170 per year. This means that nurses in New York earn an average of $46.24 per hour. On the other hand, the national average for registered nurses is $77,600 per year.

    How long does it take to get NYC RN license? ›

    How Long Does it Take to Get a New York Nursing License? The average wait time for a New York RN license by endorsement ranges from 6 to 8 weeks after all documentation is received. But the process can take longer, due to seasonal fluctuations and an increasing number of license applications every year.

    What is the fastest nursing degree? ›

    The fastest way to become an RN is through an RN diploma program, which can be completed in as little as a year. While completing this program does not lead to a degree, it does make the individual eligible to take the NCLEX and earn their RN license.

    Is RN or BSN better? ›

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic's Occupational Outlook Handbook: ”Generally, registered nurses who have a bachelor of science degree in nursing (BSN) will have better job prospects than those without one.” Increasingly, a BSN degree is becoming the degree of choice for other reasons as well.

    Is BSN higher than RN? ›

    A registered nurse is able to practice within their field with only an associates degree, but a BSN is the preferred level of education for many nurse specialties throughout the medical career landscape.

    Where is it easiest to become a nurse? ›

    Easiest states to become a nurse – Length of licensing process
    • Maine: 1-2 weeks.
    • Maryland: 2-3 days.
    • Missouri: 2 weeks.
    • Nevada: 1-2 weeks.
    • North Carolina: 1-2 weeks.
    • North Dakota: 1-2 weeks.
    • Texas: 2 weeks.
    • Vermont: 3-5 business days.

    What nursing school has the highest acceptance rate? ›

    Which nursing school has the highest acceptance rate? There are several nursing programs in the US with 100% acceptance rates, including the Lubbock Christian University, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

    What is the highest level of RN? ›

    What is the highest level of nursing? The highest level of nursing education is the doctoral level. Positions that require doctoral nursing degrees include certain types of advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), as well as leadership positions such as chief nursing officer or director of nursing.

    What are baby nurses called? ›

    2. Neonatal nurses. Job description: Neonatal nurses are typically the next specialized group to enter the picture of infant care after labor and delivery nurses. This type of nurse specializes in the care of newborn infants.

    What is a child nurse called? ›

    1. Pediatric Registered Nurse. As a pediatric registered nurse, you will care for newborns to young adults. You will work closely with doctors, pediatricians, and other nurses to provide the best preventative and critical care.

    What is the 16 month nursing program in NYC? ›

    An ABSN program allows qualified students to apply their existing non-nursing bachelor's degrees from their undergraduate degree toward earning a BSN in as few as 16 months. The College's ABSN program comprises nursing theory coursework, nursing skills and simulation labs, and clinical rotations.

    How much does a Level 1 RN earn in New York? ›

    Registered Nurse (RN), Level 1 Salary in New York, NY

    How much does a Registered Nurse (RN), Level 1 make in New York, NY? The average Registered Nurse (RN), Level 1 salary in New York, NY is $79,630 as of May 01, 2023, but the range typically falls between $71,430 and $91,030.

    What is the shortest nursing course? ›

    One of the shortest certification programs is the certified nursing assistant (CNA) training program. Some CNA programs last as little as 12 to 18 weeks.

    Which nurse is the hardest? ›

    Most Stressful Nursing Positions
    • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurses. ICU is an extremely high-pressure environment and these nurses work with patients who have significant injuries and disease with added morbidity risks. ...
    • Emergency Department nurses. ...
    • Neonatal ICU. ...
    • OR nursing. ...
    • Oncology Nursing. ...
    • Psychiatric Nursing.
    Jan 27, 2021

    How many nursing students fail? ›

    Most students pass their nursing program, so you can too. How many nursing students fail? According to the National League of Nursing, the dropout rate for nursing programs in the United States is around 20%.

    How to pass nursing school easily? ›

    10 Study Tips That Will Make Nursing School Easier
    1. Follow the nursing exam study guide. ...
    2. Focus on the material covered in class. ...
    3. Think in terms of action, not facts. ...
    4. Form a study group. ...
    5. Skim-read first. ...
    6. Use outside sources. ...
    7. Know your learning style. ...
    8. Use downtime as study time.

    What type of nursing is least stressful? ›

    Institutional Nurses

    These nurses administer more basic care and typically don't have to work long hours and overnight shifts, so this field of nursing tends to be low-stress. Even with less excitement, these nurses find fulfillment in providing basic and family care to those in need.

    What is the most stressful RN job? ›

    The most stressful nursing jobs include ICU nurse, ER nurse, and NICU nurse. In these roles, nurses work in an intense environment with high stakes. They manage emergency situations and care for critically ill patients. Other stressful nursing jobs include OR nursing, oncology nursing, and psychiatric nursing.

    What are the two year nursing programs in NYC CUNY? ›

    The New York City College of Technology, CUNY (City Tech) offers two nursing programs: the Associate in Applied Science Degree Program (AAS) and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree Program (BS) for Registered Nurses.

    How long is LPN program in NYC? ›

    12 to 18 Months

    What is the average age to graduate nursing school? ›

    The average age of ADN nursing students at community colleges is 26-40 years old. BSN programs have an average age of early-mid 20s. Students in RN-to-BSN programs are typically in their late 30s.

    What is best CUNY or SUNY? ›

    Academic Reputation

    You can receive an excellent education at both SUNY and CUNY schools as long as you're ready to put in the work. However, SUNY schools do generally have a stronger academic reputation, particularly the university center schools.

    What GPA do you need for City College of New York? ›

    With a GPA of 3.34, City College of New York accepts below-average students. It's OK to be a B-average student, with some A's mixed in. It'd be best to avoid C's and D's, since application readers might doubt whether you can handle the stress of college academics.

    What is the difference between SUNY and CUNY? ›

    Perhaps the most easily recognizable difference between CUNY and SUNY schools is their location. CUNY schools are all located in New York City, with campuses across all five boroughs, while SUNY schools are located across New York State, usually in smaller towns with smaller populations.

    What is the best CUNY school for nursing? ›

    LONG ISLAND CITY, NY (October 27, 2022) — The LaGuardia Community College/CUNY Nursing Program is ranked #1 among New York State's 2023 Best RN Programs by

    Is CUNY or NYU better? ›

    Depends what are your objectives. If you want to go to one of the most expensive private universities in the world, NYU. If you want to go to one of the most affordable in the country, go with CUNY. It really depends on your area of study and department as well as how much money you wish to spend.

    Are CUNY schools free? ›

    Attend school full time. Earn $125,000 or less (household federal adjusted gross income) Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) application.

    What is the number one nursing school USA? ›

    Consequently, Duke University School of Medicine, located in the heart of Duke's Medical Campus, is currently ranked by the Nursing Schools Almanac as the #1 Best Nursing School in the United States. Duke University offers nursing students Master's, Ph. D., and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degrees.

    What is the first nursing school? ›

    Florence in 1860 established nightingale nursing school as the first nursing school in the world (4). With the establishment of this school, she changed nursing to a respectful profession.

    How to pass level 1 nursing? ›

    1. Time Management. To be successful in nursing school, you must manage your time appropriately. ...
    2. Get Organized. ...
    3. Use Mnemonics. ...
    4. Study Everyday. ...
    5. Complete Practice Questions. ...
    6. Participate in a Study Group. ...
    7. Focus on course objectives when studying. ...
    8. Know your learning style.

    Which is best nursing course? ›

    The three most popular nursing programmes after 12th grade are BSc Nursing, Psychiatry and Mental Health Nursing, and GNM Nursing.

    Which US state is best for nursing? ›

    Massachusetts. From housing costs, education quality, and income growth, Massachusetts is considered one of the best places to live. If you consider income earning potential an important factor, it is also one of the best states to be a nurse.

    What level of nursing school is the hardest? ›

    Hardest Nursing School Classes
    • Pathophysiology. In this course, students learn how different anatomical systems work and how diseases or injuries affect these systems. ...
    • Pharmacology. ...
    • Medical Surgical 1 (also known as Adult Health 1) ...
    • Evidence-Based Practice.

    What is first level RN in USA? ›

    Level 1 - Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

    Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are also known as nursing assistants or nursing aides. They typically work in home care and long-term care facilities and are the primary point of contact between patients and the medical staff.

    How hard is first year nursing? ›

    The first year of nursing school is hard because you're starting a new venture. Not only are you learning new information specific to your industry, but you'll also be putting that education into action. Learning facts is much different than practicing them, so stretching yourself in this new way can be demanding.

    What age should you start nursing school? ›

    The average age of ADN nursing students at community colleges is 26-40 years old. BSN programs have an average age of early-mid 20s. Students in RN-to-BSN programs are typically in their late 30s.

    Is the first year of nursing tough? ›

    If you become a nurse, your first year on the job is often the hardest. Being in a new environment, suddenly having to use new skills, and the new responsibility of being a nurse hit you all at once. It can be overwhelming. This is how to survive the first (and maybe hardest) year of being a nurse.

    What is a low GPA for nursing school? ›

    While most nursing schools set their minimum GPA requirements at 3.0, there are accelerated nursing programs out there that accept students with 2.7 and 2.8 GPAs. Keep in mind that this doesn't mean you'd receive a lesser nursing education with these programs.

    How many hours a day should you study in nursing school? ›

    How many hours a day should I study for nursing school? Everyone is different, but in general, it is recommended that nursing school students study anywhere from 2-4 hours a day. Committing class material to memory is essential to becoming a registered nurse, so the more time studying, the better!

    Which nursing course has highest salary? ›

    With that in mind, here is a list of the highest-paid nursing specialties.
    1. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CNRA) ...
    2. Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. ...
    3. Cardiac Nurse Practitioner. ...
    4. Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner. ...
    5. Oncology Nurse Practitioner. ...
    6. General Nurse Practitioner. ...
    7. Family Nurse Practitioner. ...
    8. Nurse Midwife.
    Dec 1, 2022

    What is the easiest nursing course? ›

    What makes an LPN or LVN preparation program the easiest type of nursing education you can pursue is its focus on training for basic nursing services only and its quick completion time. However, aspiring LPNs and LVNs still need to take coursework in studies such as biology, pharmacology and nursing.

    What type of nursing is most in demand? ›

    BSN-prepared nurses are the most sought-after RNs in the job market and can advance to leadership and management roles more quickly than the ASN nurse.
    2. Registered nurse (RN)
    EducationASN (required) or BSN (recommended)
    CertificationsMust pass the NCLEX-RN exam
    1 more row


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