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battle preparationsit's amain missiontheythe witcher 3what happens inDistinctiveArea – This quest is made up of three smaller quests, but the order in which you complete them doesn't matter.

Step by step of the preparations for the battle


This step-by-step guide will follow the order that makes the most narrative sense, which is “the stone of the sun,”“Come see Vigo, "e"Child of the Old Blood.” Note, however, that this quest will require you to do acritical decisionthat ultimatelyaffects the end of the game.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Thewitcher 3:wild game. Proceed carefully if you are not on this mission in the game. Of course, since it is aStep by Stepa spoiler warning might be a bit superfluous at this point.

the stone of the sun

After complete "final preparations"emNovigrad. He returns to the ship and tells Avallac'h that everything is ready. The ship leaves for Skellige. When you arrive, Avallac'h briefs the party on his attack plan. The first thing you will need is an ancient artifact called a Sunstone. No one knows exactly where it is, but Ermion might have an idea. Go out and chat with him.

Observation-The beginning of this quest varies depending on who is sitting on the throne in Skellige. This is determined by your efforts or lack thereof in assisting Crach during his time in Skellige. It all depends on whether Cerys, Hjalmar or Svanrige are on the throne.

Se Cerys ou Hjalmar gobernador-Talk to Crach at the docks and he will point you to Ermion. she is arguing withpeople are crazy. When you arrive, the discussion turns violent. He fights against the madman and his men. Stay with Ermion, so that he can help fight them with his magic. Head to the door. When you escape, talk to Ermion and he will point you to the men who can help you.

If Svanrige rulesWalk uphill from the docks to Kaer Trolde. Inside the main hall, the king is about to sign a surrender treaty, under the control of his mother. He comes to his senses and calls for a fit! He fights the Nilfgaardians and then talks to Ermion. He will point you to men who can help you.

With Ermion's information, hop on Roach and head towards Eyvind, who is on a cliff near Arinbjorn. When he arrives, he is looking out to sea for a mythical target.whale. Agree to help him find the whale, so the two of you can talk. As soon as Eyvind looks away, the whale appears! Try to tell him quickly or keep the sighting to yourself. Either way, he misses the whale. When you ask about the elven ruins, tell Eyvind a white lie and tell him it's for an adventure novel you're writing. He happily tells you where the ruins are and you can ride to see them.Yennefer.

Upon returning to port,Characteristics, Yennefer and Philippa are talking. It turns out that Avallac'h might be hiding something from you. Ciri and Yennefer want to snoop around his lab. Helping them spy is the "Son of Ancient Blood" quest. Philippa wants to find Sunstone and teleports to the opening in the ruins. You need to find her there to help find him. Before we find the Sun Stone, it would be best to free the sorceress Fringilla Vigo fromof Emperor Emhyrclaws.

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Come see Vigo

Change your objective to Veni Vidi Vigo and fast travel to the Marlin Coast, which is southwest of the port of Kaer Trolde. Swim ashore towards Emhyr's fleet. When you're close enough, go up to the beach and meditate until midnight. Under cover of darkness, swim towards the fleet, being careful to avoid the spotlight.


Dive under Emhyr's ship (it's marked on yourmap) and go up to starboard (right side). Swim to the anchor to trigger a scene. Enhyr frees Fringilla and she teleports you to the port of Kaer Trolde. This short mission is over. Now is the time to find the sun stone.

Sun (continued)

Head to the north end of the harbor and hop on a boat. You will want to sail along the north coast to Ard Skellige to find the Elven Ruins. There are no specific markers, but there is a boat next to the ruins. Mark it and set sail. You can also see the location on the following map.

When you get to the ruins, talk to Philippa and go inside with her. The two talk for a bit, until they enter an open room. kill all fourchokersIt's inmermaidsthat attack. When the animals are down, look to the right. there is oneplace of powerforfog. He takes the power, then goes upstairs and waits for Philippa to make a stone bridge for the two of you to cross.

Follow Philippa as she discusses politics in the next room. Change your sign toattendand fight againstgolem. Use Yrden to slow him down andRayto increase your strength. Quickly kill the Golem and follow Philippa to a mural of an elven guard.

Philippa opens a secret door that leads to a room with three mirrors. She lights a magic stone on the ceiling that lights up the mirrors. You have to go to each mirror and turn it once. Be careful when approaching them. The ghosts of the wild hunt will attack you. Dodge and use fancy swordplay to kill these ghosts, no phone calls or vacuums required. Once all three mirrors have flipped once, she goes to meet Philippa.

You two find the Sun Stone and she leaves you with it. She exits the nearby door and follows the path up. She kills all the Ghosts of the Wild Hunt you find along the way. Before long, she surfaces on the north side of the Ard Skellige. Go to the nearest Fast Travel point in Rogne. Head west to find the Pali Gap shoreline. This is where Avallac'h's laboratory is located and where Ciri and Yennefer will be waiting for you.

Child of the Old Blood

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Yennefer is trying to break Avallac'h's magic lock. In doing so, he activates a security golem. He fights with the help of Ciri. Between the two blades of it, the crossbow falls in the blink of an eye. Yennefer has opened the door and you two can now take a look. Use your Witcher Senese to find interactive objects. Just bring a little conversation.


It seems that Avallac'h has a strange obsession with Ciri. He follows the hallway and up a flight of stairs to find a huge family tree related to Ciri. It's a bit overwhelming. Follow the hallway to a room at the end. Inside is Avallac'h's mistress. She is not a fan of Ciri.

At the end of their “friendly” conversation, Ciri is furious. She wants to loot the lab. This is the point where you will do the remaining two.critical decisionsI do not play. The first is now with Ciri wanting to destroy the lab. She can also say...

"Forward."-Encourage Ciri with a little healthy destruction of property by throwing a glass bottle. You two do some damage. This course of action allows Ciri to follow her instincts and stand her ground. This choice has apositiveeffect at the end of the game.

"Calm down."-You spend your time calming Ciri down and talking about her great gifts. You end up placing the necklace of Ciri's ancestor, Lara Dorren, around your neck. This weighs on Ciri and weakens her determination. This choice has anegativeeffect at the end of the game.

No matter what they choose, the three of them head outside, where Ciri says that she would like to stop at Hindarsfjall to see the boy Skjall, who saved her from the Wild Hunt when she was in Skellige. Yennefer tells Ciri that Skjall is dead. Ciri is distraught and wants to go see Skjall's grave to pay her respects. This is thefinal critical decisionthe game has to offer. You can say…

"Yes, I'll go with you"-Ciri thanks you for your support and the two of you will complete the short quest "Tomb of Skjall". You pull Skjall's body out of decomposition.sheepgrave and give him a proper burial, against the will of the villagers. Ciri is happy and proud that she can give Skjall the respect she deserves. This choice has apositiveeffect at the end of the game.

"No time."-Ciri is sad that you don't have time to help pay respects to Skjall. This decision ends the quest "Tomb of Skjall" and deeply upsets Ciri. This choice has anegativeeffect at the end of the game.

Once you've exited Avallac'h's lab and chosen Skjall, head back to Kaer Trolde Harbor and talk to Avallac'h to begin the final battle with the Wild Hunt. The next main story quest,no frost untilit will start now.

To follow: No thin ice

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