It's time to give The Amazing Spider-Man another chance (2023)

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This December he wowed the public with the launch ofjon watts'Spider-Man: No Way Home, the third appearance in Marvel StudiosSpider-Man-Trilogy, whichReset our favorite web slinger to its default settingsand pitted him against Spider-Man's greatest villains from thesam raimiYmarc webbAdvise. Bringing together three generations of Spider-Men hasn't been an easy task ever since.tom holland,Tobey Maguire, YAndrew Garfieldeveryone had to keep their mouths shut until the release ofthere is no way homeBut the results speak for themselves.

Garfield's less-beloved incarnation of Spider-Man first debuted in 2012The incredible Spiderman, a reboot that many felt was "too soon" at the time, leading to the impending financial demise of the series. This version may have suffered from not having a bunch of Avengers by his side or from not facing Spider-Man's more famous foes like Venom or Doc Ock, but Garfield's version of the web-slinger dove headlong into the story. Peter Parker's staff, which made him one. of the other unique facts. This Spider-Man wasn't afraid to be real, raw, and express the more tortured side of him as he investigated the Oscorp conspiracy surrounding the sudden deaths of his parents, something the other incarnations never tried to shed light on. .The incredible SpidermanThe movies give us the best Spider-Man has to offer as Garfield's performance comes straight out of the park, willing to go to deep and dark places to express Peter's inner turmoil and mask his pain with the precision of a comic, a comedic approach to crime fighting. .

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InSpiderman:there is no way homeGarfield doesn't miss a beat, hiding the pain of Gwen's death with a false confidence that slowly crumbles as he gets to know the other versions of himself. When Maguire's Peter tells him, "You're amazing," the Garfield variant can't bring himself to say it, and that's not what Peter Parker is about... This, Garfield's uncanny ability to enter the minds of those who are being tortured. Peter Parker, here's why Andrew Garfield is the best Spider-Man and why it's time to rethink his tenure under the mask.

There are many things to love about Webb's.amazing spider manMovies, one of which is the most realistic and thrillingly conspiratorial take on Spider-Man's origins. Yes, Uncle Ben (Martín Schein) still gets shot by a man Peter didn't want to arrest, and yes, he still gets bitten by a radioactive spider, butThe incredible Spidermanand its sequel delve even deeper into his personal origins. Oscorp's inclusion in the story (similar to theUltimate Spider-Man comics) and the revelation that Richard Parker (campbell scott) worked on a secret project for Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper), serves theTollGood story that gives an emotional axis to the origin of Peter's powers.The amazing spider-man 2he further reveals that Oscorp's super spiders were not only a product of Richard Parker's initial research, but that he used his own blood as the basis for his experiments.

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This little explanation, which comes after Peter discovers his father's secret laboratory, helps us better understand why Peter's body responds positively to the spider's venom, giving him superhuman abilities instead of mutating him like Harry Osborn did.Dane DeHaan). While not a necessary addition, it's logical, as it's logical that many Oscorp employees have been bitten by these spiders over the years, but only Peter escapes with incredible abilities. That built-in failsafe is just another piece of Richard Parker's Oscorp puzzle that the series explores, though sadly never quite finished.

Peter Parker's portrayal of Garfield also highlights Spider-Man's high intelligence. Maguire's Peter was certainly a brilliant child, but with Garfield we see Peter more as a child prodigy. Between helping Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) finishes his father's formula, develops his own liquid and electrical web experiments after fighting Electro (Jamie Foxx), we get to see Peter's dirty science knowledge firsthand. He even uses his webbing to track the lizard in the first movie by watching the vibrations in the sewers, just like a real spider. Take away Peter Parker's Stark tech from the Netherlands and Garfields is easily the smartest in the room.The incredible SpidermanMovies can emphasize this, even after Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) and his own temper, which is more of an asset than a threat to Peter.

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Speaking of Gwen, this Peter's romantic relationship is much more believable and natural than the other live-action variants and their respective MJs. mary jane (Kirsten Dunst) Tobey Maguire never noticed him before he got his powers, and it wasn't until she learned his identity as Spider-Man that they were finally able to start an honest relationship.spider man 2(She's even running from her own wedding.) The MJ (Zendaya) of the MCU doesn't care about Peter from Hollandspiderman: homecoming, and while their awkward romance is the emotional backbone of the sequel, it's somewhat random given the events of the first film. that's not true at allThe incredible Spidermanor its continuation.

In these movies, Peter and Gwen have a naturally awkward adolescent dynamic from the start, being mutually interested in each other before and after the former's transformation into Spider-Man. In fact, if revealing Peter's identity as a wall-crawler does anything, it will further strain their relationship rather than seal the deal. This will be your fightThe amazing spider-man 2and it's much more convincing than Tobey Maguire's will-they-not-theySpidermanTrilogy. His adorable, witty banter and his explosive chemistry put them far ahead of the rest of the Peter Parkers and his MJ.

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Gwen also proves to be an excellent complement.The incredible Spidermanbeing really equal to Pedro. Though she can't move around New York City or stick to walls, she's just as smart as Peter (if not smarter) and proves invaluable in stopping both the Lizard and Electro, becoming more than just a damsel in distress. Gwen has her own dreams of hers, her own family, and her own life outside of Peter, which doesn't always revolve around her world as Spider-Man. Peter and Gwen are sacrificing each other, knowing (sanely) when to put each other's needs before their own and when to double down on their own dreams. Because of this, Peter is even willing to move to England for her. Although Gwen is killed by Harry Osborn, a Green Goblin wannabe, her graduation speech is the catalyst for Peter's decision to return to fighting crime as Spider-Man. Sure, his death left him bitter and angry, and he doesn't always comply (as explained inthere is no way home), but thanks to her, he is still Spider-Man at the end of the second movie.

for all your mistakesThe amazing spider-man 2it highlights a larger Spider-Man universe that has opened the door to countless possibilities, something the MCU has only hinted at so far. With Oscorp taking center stage, Spider-Man's greatest enemies were set to appear in a canceled series.sinister sixFilm that would lead to two moreamazing spider manGuessing, building a bigger narrative. While many believe soHeThe amazing spider man 2was "too big, too fast" fits more with Spider-Man's life in the comics. Spider-Man is always busy. There's always too much going on in his life that's out of his control, which is why Peter Parker often has to take a backseat to Spider-Man. For the other problems that many claim the Andrew Garfield movies had, there were never multiple villains.The incredible Spidermanproblem of s.

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With current Marvel hits likeLokiYAnd if?... who play with variants and stories of multiverses, not to mentionSpiderman:there is no way homeand the comingDoctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness(which is headed by originalSpidermantrilogy director Sam Raimi), it seems possible and even plausible that Andrew Garfieldsamazing spider manI might come back in the future. The current Sony/Marvelgiftcinema and futureDiseaseintease a connection to Spider-Man, conDiseaseit even shows Oscorp and the apparent return ofmiguel keaton's Vulture from the MCU (or a variant thereof). Why couldn't Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker be the one who lives in the same world as Venom (Tom Hardy) and Dr. Michael Morbio (Jared Leto)? Both Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland's Spider-Men have completed arcs that have rounded out their respective performances; couldthere is no way homeopened the door to finish the story of Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker?

We could wait and speculate all day if Sony and Marvel would consider a sequel.The incredible Spidermanin a way, and obviously this author expects them to, but regardless, Garfield's Spider-Man trilogy (which includesSpiderman:there is no way home) is packed with intrigue and excitement that challenged everything we knew about Spider-Man and, like his comic book counterpart, he wasn't afraid to wreak havoc in Peter Parker's life. With so many intertwining stories and emotional anchors that always hit the nail on the head,The incredible SpidermanThe movies really give it their all, and what more can we ask for from Spider-Man?

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