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SAPFSCMrepresentafinancialSupply chainadministration. Thatesmanagement of demand and supply of cash/cash equivalents. This suite of applications, the FSCM functionality, helps companies better manage their costs. This blog will examine the features and functionality of SAP FSCM and how they can be used to benefit businesses.

SAP FSCM is one of the most popular SAP ECC modules. It is an excellent feature of SAP. But it's not so easy. SAP FSCM is a greatmodule. The scope of this module ranges from managing the cash flows from the customer's order to the cash received from the customer. It is also used to forecast cash flow for themanufactureorder by reviewing theavailabilityof necessary funds and funds. It is also used for common tasks like budgeting and planning. It is very important for the financial department of the organization.

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SAP concepts fscm

SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (SAP FSCM), a suite offering a complete customer solutionchargemanaging disputes, receivables and collections, that's SAP FSCM. SAP FSCM allows us to efficiently manage our company's accounts receivable and secure cash flows through online invoicing. Customers can also use this FSCM module to view and pay invoices over the Internet or make inquiries, comments or disputes which Business Online can use, respond to or resolve.

SAP FSCM can be used to improve business processes in key areas such as accounts receivable management, working capital management and payment cost management. SAP Net Weaver technology enables SAP FSCM functionality to increase reach and improve integration, both within SAPERPand with another application

Benefits of SAP FSCM

  • Integration with customers/vendors with minimal customer or provider infrastructure needs, resulting in a higher adoption rate
  • Reduction of manual activity
  • Reduced efforts in communication and coordination lead to overall cost of ownership
  • Trading partner multiplier functionality offers greater flexibility and integration
  • Information available in real time
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SAP FSCM Functionality:

  • billing management
  • dispute management
  • CreditManagement
  • direct images/electronic payment
  • internal cash management

What is it sap collection management?

If accounts receivable are not proactively handled, they can affect a company's cash flow. This can increase the risk of customer default as well as the cost of operating the accounts receivable department. SAP Collections Management helps companies proactively manage their accounts receivable. Accounts receivable can improve overall financial performance.

What is FSCM dispute management?

Disputes can be a nightmare for accounts receivable functions across the enterprise. Inefficient and inadequate dispute management processes not only affect financial performance, but also negatively affect the long-term customer relationship. SAP Dispute Management is atoolthat can be used by companies to improve the management of overdrafts.

SAP Dispute Management helps customers resolve disputes quickly and efficiently. Dispute management can involve many departments, such as finance, logistics, and sales. SAP Dispute Management enables integration between these departments, along with tracking and managing dispute cases on a centralized platform. Automating the entire dispute case management process can reduce human intervention and facilitate collaboration between different departments.

SAP Dispute Management makes it easy to resolve disputes related to receivables. Many providers have to deal with large numbers of waivers or late payments due to customers not informing providers about payment reductions and non-payment in advance. outstanding sales (DSO).

SAP Dispute Management is an industry-leading solution for integrating dispute resolution into the order-to-pay cycle. SAP Dispute Management reduces billing costs by enabling us to resolve disputes early in the settlement process. It can also help facilitate cross-departmental collaboration, increasing the efficiency and cooperation of operations. SAPDispute Management allows us to process these disputes using a unique reason code for each type. Any commercial transaction that may give rise to a claim. These codes can be used to identify the reasons for a complaint.

There may be differences in price, quantity, quality or delivery time. The system records the status of a dispute as open or closed. This status, along with the reason codes, controls any subsequent action related to the dispute, such as notifying employees through workflow processes or sending an email to the customer.

SAP Dispute Management consolidates all information related to a dispute into one business object: the dispute case. This SAP object works like an electronic folder that consolidates all information related to customer disputes. We can see the reason code, processor, and disputed amount all in one place. You can view the reason code, processor, amount in dispute, and amount paid in one view. Our finance department can review a dispute case using SAP Dispute Management.

Review the invoices, notes and bills associated with a particular customer. The drill-down capabilities of this application allow users to view information from other SAP FSCM applications such as SAP Biller Direct, SAP Credit Management and SAP CollectionsManagement.

credit management

Credit management reduces the potential for lost sales and increases the risk of managing the accounts receivable portfolio. In difficult economic times, a more efficient credit management process is essential. SAP Credit Management is a tool that companies can use to help them manage their credit. Credit managers can effectively implement credit limitations through tight integration between SAP Credit Management and KeyERPmodules such as sales and distribution.

direct images/electronic payment

electronicInvoicePresent and Pay (EIPP), which helps companies reduce costs by eliminating paper use, improve customer service by providing customer self-service, and decrease billing errors, is a great way to reduce costs. SAP Biller Direct integrates with the SAP ERP back-end system to eliminate redundancies and inconsistencies.

internal cash management

If our company has multiple corporate accounts spread across its global organizational structure, we may be paying an additional fee or giving money to banks while maintaining minimal cash balances. We might as well be drinking.

We may have extra money in our business, but we don't need to borrow money for certain parts of our business. We want to maximize the cash position across many companies, geographies and product lines. SAP built-in money can be used.

SAP FSCM Credit management setup


  • Parallel support for FSCM and classic credit management is not provided.
  • SAP Credit Management is theNO WORKthe system's standard credit management function, but it can already be activated in previous versions.
  • FSCM is using UKM R3 ACTIVATE BAdI and BADI SD CM which are the most important ones. You can search for active implementations in transaction SE18. Please consultOSSnote 2760814 yes noImplementationIt's active.
  • Sales and Distribution (SD) and SAP Credit Management (FSCM) system components must also be configured to communicate. UKM error PI008 indicatestechnicianerrors sending data between systems. This error is technically defined by the BAdI system BADI SD CM SD when using BADI BADI GETMASTER DATAmethod.
  • Business partners with role UKM000 have defined credit master data via credit management. The settings will remain in 'General Data' -> 'Credit Profile' and 'Credit Segment Data' tab in transaction UKM BP (pre-selected for Role UKM000).
  • The Credit segment will be the organizational unit of the FSCM. Create and assign the credit segments to the credit control reconciliation area. Make the following IMG path settings:
How to configure SAP FSCM, what is SAP FSCM? - (2)

The importantOSSrelease notes for SAP Credit Management activation are available (FSCM)

  • OSSUse -2706299.
  • Note OSS-2690237
  • Note OSS-2207394
  • Note OSS-2761313
  • Note OSS-2616393
  • Note OSS-2656921
  • Note OSS-2708680

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