Do you need to borrow a lot of money? Get a $100,000 Personal Loan (2023)

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If you need to borrow a large amount of money, it may be difficult to find a lender that meets your needs and is willing to provide funds at a reasonable interest rate. Although many financial institutions offerpersonal loanUp to $50,000 unless they loan up to $100,000. What's more, only the most qualified applicants qualify for these larger, riskier loans.

Before applying for a $100,000 loan, make sure you understand the eligibility requirements, application process, and common providers.

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How to Qualify for a $100,000 Personal Loan?

To qualify for a $100,000 personal loan, make sure you have good credit and pose a low risk to the lender. Generally, qualified jumbo loan applicants have a FICO credit score of at least 720. However, potential borrowers with a score of 750 or higher are more likely to qualify for the best rate.

Qualified applicants must also demonstrate steady employment and an income large enough to easily pay loans and other debt repayments. Lenders will look at your income to determine if you qualify.

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How to Get a $100,000 Personal Loan

If you need a $100,000 personal loan, take the time to understand your credit score and choose the most competitive lender. Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Check your credit score

In general, larger loans are more difficult to obtain than loans with smaller limits. To qualify for a $100,000 personal loan, your score must be at least 720, but a score of 750 or higher is ideal. Before applying for a large personal loan, check your credit score to see what type of loan terms you might qualify for.

To do this, use a free online credit service. Somecredit card companyIt also provides cardholders with access to a credit score tracker, so use the resources available to learn as much as possible about your score.

If your score isn't as high as you'd like and you don't need a loan right away, take your timeImprove your credit scorebefore applying to a lender. The fastest way to build credit varies from borrower to borrower, but you can start by checking your credit report by:InformeCreditReportAnual.comVerify accuracy and report any errors to the reporting agency.

2. Compare lenders and rates

While many financial institutions offer loans of up to $50,000, not all lenders offer loans of up to $100,000. So, when looking for a $100,000 personal loan, research lenders or read more in this article to determine which lenders are willing to provide the loan you need. Also, compare each lender based on the range of interest rates available, eligibility requirements, and whether there are closing costs or other fees.

Many online lenders offerprequalificationA process that allows potential borrowers to view the rates and terms for which they are eligiblesmooth credit check, which has no effect on your score. While not all major lenders allow potential borrowers to prequalify, it can help you compare lenders to find the most attractive deal.

3. Gather required documents

Before applying for a loan, collectneeded fileYou need to complete your application. This will reduce the time it takes to prepare your application and make it easier for lenders to assess your creditworthiness. Some of the most common documents required for a personal loan application include:

  • Proof of identification, such as a driver's license, passport or birth certificate.
  • Income and employer verification, including pay stubs, tax returns, and W-2 forms
  • Proof of address evidenced by a utility bill, proof of insurance, lease or lease agreement, or voter registration card.

4. Apply online or in person

Once you've found a lender that offers quality loans at competitive rates, the formal process can begin.application process. Online lenders often offer simplified online applications; however, a representative may need to call you for more information before completing your application. Other lenders, especially traditional banks, may require customers to apply in person at a local branch.

5. Pay off the loan

After the lender disburses your loan funds, you are responsible for making your monthly payments on time. To make sure you don't miss a payment, set up automatic payments through your lender's online payment portal. Some lenders may even offer automatic payment rate discounts (or require automatic payments), so make sure you understand the requirements before your first payment is due.

Can You Get a $100,000 Loan With Bad Credit?

Getting a large loan with bad credit can be challenging because most lenders are unwilling to take unnecessary risk. However, potential borrowers with bad credit (or no credit history) can still get funding, although they are less likely to get a $100,000 loan.

Lenders with less stringent borrowing criteria and those using alternative data when assessing application offersBad Credit Personal Loans. These lenders typically consider other factors, such as utility payments and bank account information. But be aware that many lenders that serve less qualified borrowers limit loan amounts and charge higher interest rates.

Borrower can alsoGetting a Personal Loan with Bad CreditBy guarantee promise. This reduces risk for lenders and can help borrowers with poor credit but still earn enough to pay the principal of the loan and their asset, such as a home, qualify.

Where to Get a Good Personal Loan

Online lenders are the best place to start your search for a great personal loan. Not only do they offer a faster application and approval process, but they are often more likely to offer large loans than traditional competitors. That said, if you have an existing relationship with a local financial institution, it's worth asking about the availability of a major personal loan.

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If you need to borrow a large sum of money, consider these lenders.


SoFi is a platform specializing in online lendingUnsecured Personal LoanBetween $5,000 and $100,000. Loans are available in every state except Mississippi, and borrowers can take advantage of loan terms ranging from two to seven years, with interest rates ranging from about 6 percent to about 20 percent. Borrowers must have a credit score of at least 680.

Potential borrowers can use SoFi's online prequalification tool to see the rates they may be eligible for. Once approved, financing typically takes a few days, especially for loans over $20,000. SoFi Personal Loans may be a good option for borrowers with higher scores who are more likely to receive the most competitive rates.

light flow

The consumer lending division of Truist (formerly SunTrust), LightStream offers personal loans of up to $100,000, a fully online application process, and same-day financing. Personal loan interest rates start at around 4% and can go as high as around 20%; tenures range from two to seven years.

LightStream recommends a minimum credit score of 660, but does not offer a prequalification option. Same-day financing is available to approved borrowers, which is a great option for high-credit borrowers who need quick cash.

FuGuo bank

Wells Fargo offers personal loans of $3,000 to $100,000. APR—Annual percentage rate— For the most qualified applicants, start at around 6% and work your way up to around 25%. Flexible loan terms range from one to seven years.

Wells Fargo does not publish credit score requirements, but existing bank customers can use the bank's online platform to prequalify for personal loans. Other applicants must visit a branch to learn about loan options. Once approved, borrowers can receive funds the same day or the next day. This makes Wells Fargo a good choice for existing bank customers with strong credit scores who want to receive loan funds quickly.

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BHG money

BHG offers the largest range of personal loans of any lender, with unsecured personal loans of up to $200,000. Available in every state except Illinois or Maryland, a good credit score will give you a better chance of getting approved.

BHG Money loans have a term of up to 10 years and currently offer an annual interest rate of 11.64% to 23.99%. If you go ahead and take out a loan with BHG Money, be aware that funds are slower to approve and distribute than lenders like SoFi. It can take up to 24 hours to be approved and then up to 5 days to receive funds.

Personal loan payment of $100,000 per month

Monthly payments on a $100,000 loan will vary based on the interest rate and the term of the loan. However, you can easily determine your monthly loan payments using Forbes Advisor.Personal Loan Calculator

For example, suppose a borrower applies for a $100,000 loan at an interest rate of 10 percent for a five-year (60-month) term. In this case, the borrower's monthly payment would be $2,124.70. Alternatively, if the loan has a shorter term (such as three years), the monthly payment would be $3,226.72.

Alternatives to a $100,000 Personal Loan

If a personal loan isn't an option, there are other ways to get $100,000 in financing. People who own a home or other real estate title have several options, including:

  • home equity loan。 Ahome equity loanThis is a one-time loan secured by the borrower's home equity. This involves taking out a second mortgage by borrowing against that principal. Since the loan is secured, the lender faces less risk than the lenderunsecured loan. consider ahome equity loanIf you need a sum of cash and have a lot of home equity.
  • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). Like a home equity loan,HerlockAllows borrowers to use their home equity to obtain a line of credit that they can use as needed and only pay interest on the money borrowed. If your home has a lot of equity and you need long-term funding rather than all at once, a HELOC may be a good option.
  • Refinancing with cash withdrawal. Unlike home equity loans and HELOCs,Refinancing with cash withdrawalThat doesn't mean a second mortgage. Instead, the borrower refinances their mortgage for an amount greater than the outstanding balance of the original mortgage and receives the difference in the form of a larger payment. This could be a good option if you have a high credit score and a lot of home equity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it difficult to get a loan of 100,000 yuan?

Getting a $100,000 loan can be difficult. With a loan of this size, especially an unsecured personal loan, you can expect the lender to be much stricter than if you were only borrowing $100. You may need to demonstrate above-average income along with a good credit score and low debt levels to be approved.


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