Best Nursing Schools in USA (2023): Find the One That's Right for You (2023)


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    Hello and welcome to our guide to the best nursing schools in the US.

    By the end of this article you will have a full understanding of the main onescare programsin the USA.

    A detailed evaluation of the availablecourseswill help you make an informed decision.

    Here is a list of the topics this article will cover:

    • What is goodcare program?
    • The best diploma programs
    • BetterAssociate Degree-Programme
    • Bettercourses
    • BetterMasters courses

    Let's get to the issues that will drive younursing educationResearch without further ado!

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      What is a good maintenance program?

      Best Nursing Schools in USA (2023): Find the One That's Right for You (1)

      What exactly does a mean?care programGreat?

      Like the regular titles inCommunity CollegeÖState University, there are many factors to consider when evaluating acare program.

      We will be some of the best private andpublic universitiesoffers some of the most recognized first degrees andhigher educationprograms in the United States.

      Different schools have their own way of teaching.methodologyand philosophies, so it's not just the curriculum you need to study to determine your dream school.


      It is important to evaluate the educational institution you are considering by reviewing itaccreditationRecords.

      accreditationIt must not only be achieved, but also maintained.

      Sometimes a good reputation and a good alumni list are not enough.

      The collegial commissionnursing education(CCNE) and theaccreditationCommission for Nursing Education (ACEN) are the official organizations doing the assessmentcare programsin the USA.

      The difference is that the CCNE accredits higher degree programs such as bachelor's and master's degrees. ACEN can accredit all levelscare programsfrom diploma to PhD.

      These institutions ensure thatcare programsoffered meet the standards required for practice and are updated to reflect technological advances in the medical field.

      If you attend a reputable and trustworthy school, it is likely that it is accredited by one or both organizations.

      history and reputation

      You can judge how long a university has existed and how many people are enrolled there.

      An institution's longevity indicates a foundation of values ​​and a strong alumni network that keep the academic tradition strong.

      Weak educational programs are unlikely to survive and wininscriptionover the years so that a longstanding program is admirable and desirablefuture nursing students.

      While this is not an ultimatum in reviewing schools,The ranking listWhile this is not an ultimatum in school review, it is of some importance.

      ThisThe ranking listShow prospective students how competitive your alumni are.

      Graduating from a respected institution ensures that your skills are highlighted, not belittled.

      Location and opening hours

      The location and hours of the classes are crucial when you take apart timeStudent.

      You have to worry about where the campus is and what hours are available.

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      If your current location and hours of operation conflict with those of the program, you may need to stay longer in the program to complete your sessions.

      It's best to opt for a program that also takes into account the pace of your nursing career, especially if you want your college years to be as short as possible.

      Specializations and Courses

      Except for its introductionnursing educationCourses and Topics, you may also want to see the availability of specific hands-on courses that you can take.

      These specializations can provide you with even more practical knowledge and experience in the field you are interested in and want to pursue.

      You can even use this experience while working in the field and be recognized for your skills.

      Thanks to these special courses, you can show your skills and initiative in your area of ​​interest right from the start in your practice!

      NCLEX Exam Pass Rate

      Knowledge of the NCLEX exampass rateof the program's graduates could give you a sense of the potential of a career.

      A low pass rate could indicate knowledge gaps in the curriculum.

      A high pass rate demonstrates the effectiveness of the program: that anyone who studies it is equipped with enough knowledge to pass the NCLEX.

      After all, this is the exam that will decide your fate as an academichealthcareprofessional.

      Best to keep goinginscriptionat an institution that takes this process seriously and equips its graduates with the ability to pass this rigorous exam.

      Financial support opportunities

      Some institutions offer scholarships if you have a budget that interferes with your dream of becoming a nurse.

      Thisfinancial helpThe programs will be very competitive but will be a real relief from the already hectic naturenursing education.

      You might want to look for colleges that offer these types of opportunities for less affluent prospective students.

      Now that we've looked at what it takes to have a great program, it's time to jump into the best undergraduate and bachelor's degreesMeisteravailable in the US

      If you want to become oneLPN, AndAssociate's degreein nursing (ADN) is a good option that will not be covered in this article.

      The best courses

      Best Nursing Schools in USA (2023): Find the One That's Right for You (2)

      If you want to become onestate registered nurse(RN), you must secure aBachelor of Science in Pflege(BSN).

      The bestBSN-Programmewill help you pass itNCLEX-RNwith flying colors and equip you with the practical experience you need for your professional future.

      Many of these programs are hosted online and require additional contact hours for training purposes.

      Here are the nine bestBSN-Programmein the United States accUS News& World Report:

      #1 - University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) -

      Penn Nursing took first place in the BSNThe ranking listin 2021.

      The highest-classificationThe campus features a large university with an intimate infirmary andhealthcarecommunity.

      Their partnerships with top hospitals make the clinical experience easy to attend and learn from, complete with a flexible curriculum.

      Transfer students can also enroll in these programs.

      Bachelor of Science in Pflege

      that's the traditionalfour yearsCourse that first-year students usually take as a direct entry programsecondary schoolgraduates

      care andhealthcareCoordinated dual degree management

      The Nursing and Health Management (NHCM) program is a dual degree in partnership with the Wharton School, theUniversity of Pennsylvaniathe trade school.

      This double degree is aBachelor of Science in Pflegeand Bachelor of Economics in one.

      The program aims to produce world classhealthcareExecutives with knowledge of the business environment of the industry.

      #2 (Draw) -Duke University (Durham, North Carolina)

      the second highestclassificationon our list,Duke University, the second highestclassification, presents a unique twist on the typicalBSN degree, aimed at those who already haveDiploma.

      AcceleratedBachelor of Science in Pflege

      Serving the graduates interested in becomingRegistered NursesLater in her career, Duke's ABSN tries to get affiliates down to businessnursing education.

      #2 (empate) – Universidad de Washington (Seattle, Washington)

      IsWashington University(UW)nursing schoolOffers aBachelor of Science in Pflegelike two yearsfull timeProgram.

      Bachelor of Science in Pflege

      In addition to the regular curriculum, the UWSeattleThe campus also features a learning lab that simulates a clinical setting, allowing students to practice their nursing skills in a safe and supervised environment.

      alliances withSeattleChildren's Hospital and theWashington Universitymedical centerwill ensure that hands-on experience with patients andhealthcareThe systems make you an asset to any hospital that applies.

      They also have an ExpeditBachelor of Science in Nursing Programfor students to switch to a job, such asstate registered nurse.

      Isstate registered nurseRequirements include a minimum grade point average (grade point average).

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      #4 (Draw) - Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia)

      Emory University offers three different paths to earn a bachelor's degree in nursing.

      Bachelor of Science in Pflege

      this firstDiplomaprogramis destined tosecondary schoolStudents who aspire to a career asstate registered nurseS.

      Under Nell Hodgson Woodruffnursing school, It isBSN degreeis completed in 4 years with a focus on liberal arts and partnerships with internationally renowned healthcare institutions.

      BSN transmission option

      Like typical accelerated programs, the transfer option is aimed at students who wish to transferthe nursing school.

      With 60 semester hours of study performance, eligible lateral entrants have the opportunity to afour yearstwo-year nursing course.

      BSN Freshman-Option

      This unique program for students from Emory College and Oxford College allows freshmen to spend their first two years on both campuses.

      Once the two years and other requirements are met, the final two years on the Emory campus will consist of hands-on nursing instruction in clinical and classroom settings.

      #4 (tie) - University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

      IsUniversity of MichiganThe strong 130-year history continues to be built from its various programs by a network of 13,000 alumni worldwide, starting with its BSN.

      Bachelor of Science in Pflege

      IsUniversity of Michigannursing schoolpresents outstanding results in his students: an averagegrade point averageof 3.88, an average SAT score of 1360, and an average ACT score of 30.5.

      This close-knit nursing community focuses on developing the competency of its students through 1,000 hours of hands-on clinical experience and guidance from internationally renowned professionals.

      #4 (Unentschieden) – University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

      IsUniversity of North CarolinaInChapel Hillnursing schoolIt has a rich faculty and research background that could interest many students to enter the field.

      IsChapel Hillnursing schoolit also has various on campusBSN-Programme:

      Bachelor of Science in Pflege

      The typical course of this undergraduate BSN focuses on developing students to become a "Carolina Nurse" entering a broad spectrumhealthcarefunctions in industry.

      AcceleratedBachelor of Science in Pflege

      This accelerated undergraduate option offers a four-semester path to a nursing degree.

      Given an existingDiplomain another field of study, this path offers a faster path to professional life.

      BSN military route

      This special BSN is for military veterans and active duty personnel of all branches and former services.

      Given the completed general education requirements, eligible applicants pursuing their first degree in this pathway will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to pursue a career in nursing.

      #7 (Draw) - New York University (New York, New York)

      Rory Myers from New York Universitynursing schooloffers numerous paths into a nursing career.

      TraditionalBachelor of Science in Pflege

      This is the typical undergraduate option for freshmen looking to complete their first degree.

      RN a BS

      IsRN a BSNOf course helps those with aAssociate's degreein oneLPNchange career pathstate registered nurseRolle.

      Combined specialization in Global Public Health/Nursing

      This blended major, which brings together nursing and public health education, consists of a mix of electives that help match the idealhealthcareCareer paths for students and graduates.

      15 month accelerated program

      Those who graduatedDiplomain a field other than nursing can accelerate your path to RN status andNCLEX-RNEligibility upon completion of the 15-month program.

      #7 (Unentschieden) -Oregon Health and Science University (Portland, Oregon)

      vs OSUnursing schoolfocuses on nursing science and expertise in health systems, leadership, interdisciplinary nursing, public health and communication in diverse settings.

      Bachelor of Science

      This traditional BSN focuses on developing students' skills for the changing needs ofhealthcarein Oregon and across the country, equipping them with the means to take and pass the NCLEX.

      That is afull timeprogram that will last three years.

      Completion of RNBS online

      Isstate registered nurseThe Bachelor of Science (RNBS) program is completed online and specifically withRegistered Nurseswith aAssociate's degreecompleted in oneCommunity College.

      This increases the knowledge, skills and practical experience of your partners and is available in onefull timeÖpart timeAttitude.

      Beschleunigter Bachelor of Science

      This expedited BSN is an opportunity forDiplomaHolder to earn a BSN in 15 months and some eligibility to take the NCLEX.

      #7 (Draw) - University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

      the University of Pittsburghnursing schoolit develops capable generalists who can gain a solid foundation in their chosen specializations.

      Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

      That's Pitt's version of the typicalfour yearsBSN program, with in-depth preparation for the NCLEX.

      The first year focuses on basic knowledge; The second year focuses on clinical trials, health promotion, and identifying risk factors.

      The third year focuses on patient care and the final year focuses on hands-on clinical experience as a synthesis of the entire course.


      The RN Choice program is forRegistered Nurseswith diploma orassociate degreereviews

      Affiliates can earn a BSN or an Early Admission BSN atMSNÖDNP, and provides an easy journey in the direction of nursing that interests you.

      The best masters courses

      Best Nursing Schools in USA (2023): Find the One That's Right for You (3)

      Maybe you want to go deeperadvanced practiceafter more experience.

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      AGraduateMedical students can benefit a lot from an excellent PhD program.

      After graduating with a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), you are eligible to pursue careers asNurse.

      Here are the top tenMSNPrograms in the US, after theUS News& World Report:

      #1 – Universidad John Hopkins (Baltimore, Maryland)

      the world classJohn Hopkins Universityis a premium educational brand, even for those who don't know much about nursing.

      El John Hopkinsnursing schoolalso offers something elseMSNOptions:

      • MSN(Nursing License) Program that acceptsDiplomaGraduates from programs outside of nursing and
      • MSNwith different tracks forBachelor of Science in PflegeGraduates looking to advance their nursing careers including:
        • DNPProgressivenursing practiceHints
        • MSNhealthcareOrganizational leadership path
        • MSNhealthcareOrganisationsführung / MBA Dual Degree

      With the number of tracks andfull timeDegrees offered by the university there is an option that suits your needs and will help you advance your career in nursing.

      #2 – Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia)

      University of Emoryfeatures the famous Nell Hodgson Woodruffnursing schooland the Rollins School of Public Health on campus to offer world-class Masters of Nursing and Public Health programs.

      They offer the following tracks from the master:

      Master of Nursing (Vor-licenseProgram)

      This particular program is available to graduates of non-nursing careers who wish to begin their careers asRegistered Nurses.

      this second degreenursing educationIt has applications at the master level.

      MN de Emoryfull timeThe program can be completed in 15 months.

      MSN-Master in dualer Bioethikcurriculum

      This course focuses on thenursing practice, emphasizes thehealthcareadministrative aspect of the job.

      It is also taught by the internationally renowned Emory Center for Ethics.

      The MA Bioethics can be completed in 1-2 years during theMSNit can be completed in 2-3 years.

      MSN-MPH Doubletcurriculum

      This dual degree expands the curriculum to include a Masters in Public Health.

      Graduates of the course can pursue a professional career as aNurseo Certified Nurse Midwife.

      IsMSN-MPH can be completed within six to sevenfull timeSemester

      #3 (tie) – Duke University (Durham, North Carolina)

      Duke University'Snursing schoolwas founded in 1931 and continues to produce the best professionals in the field.

      His Masters of Science incare programIt has eight careers and three non-clinical careers with specialization courses.

      These are the following breeds:

      • adult gerontologyNurseInacute care
      • adult gerontologyNursein basic care
      • FamilyNurse
      • health informatics
      • newbornNurse
      • care andhealthcareguide
      • nursing education
      • paediatricsNurseacute care
      • paediatricsNurse- Primary care
      • PsychiatricMental healthNurse
      • women healthNurse

      With 11 credit hours of core clinical courses, theMSNThe programs are expected to be completed within three years.

      #3 (unentschieden) – University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

      As it is affectionately known, Penn Nursing offers itsMSNProgram on separate special tracks.

      These are the courses offered:

      • NurseSoftware
        • adult gerontologyacute care
        • Primary care of adult gerontology
        • Optional
        • newborn
        • paediatricsacute care
        • paediatricsprimary care
        • PsychiatricMental health
        • Women's Health/Gender
      • Advanced specialist programs
        • nurse midwife
      • management programs
        • health leadership
        • care andhealthcare
        • Administration

      #5 – Columbia University (New York, New York)

      Columbiathe Universitynursing schooloffers various promotionscare programsand one of a kindMSNfor non-nurses who want to follow ahealthcareCareer.

      Master's Direct Entry (MDE) program for non-nurses

      This unique accelerated program equips non-level of careProfessionals with MS and eligible to take the NCLEX in 15 months.

      The program emphasizes the coordination of care and prioritizes awareness of patients' religious and cultural needs to fill what is currently lacking.healthcareIdeas.

      The most exciting part of the course is the six-week integration experience and the 1,000 clinical hours that students must complete for the course.

      #6 (Unentschieden) – University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

      Chapel Hillnursing schooloffers two different options forMSNdrawn

      Everyone tries to cope with complicated aspects of thehealthcareCombination of a research-intensive institution and partnerships with UNC hospitals.


      This hybrid program offers the opportunity to choose between 40% and 49% online instruction.

      Students can also explore theadvanced practiceAreas of:

      • Primary care of adult gerontologyNurse
      • FamilyNurse
      • paediatricsNurse- Primary care
      • Psychiatry-Mental healthNurse

      MSNhealthcareleadership and administration

      It isonline programemphasizes management and leadership skills, finance, human resources, education and more.

      The program develops people with in-depth knowledge and understanding of how to run successful and efficient healthcare facilities.

      #6 (Draw) – Universidad de Washington (Seattle, Washington)

      Currently thepublic university of washingtonnursing schooloffers a lineMSN.

      Master of Science in Clinical Informatics and Patient-Centered Technologies

      this uniqueonline programvalues ​​innovations and technologies implemented and studied in modernityhealthcaresystems today.

      (Video) Fully Funded Nursing Schools 2023 | Worldwide | Complete Guidelines Provided

      Students interested in advancing their nursing careers in computer science and technology are eligible for the program if they have a BSN and at least one year of experience in thehealthcareIndustry.

      #8 – Vanderbilt University (Nashville, Tennessee)

      Vanderbilt Universitynursing schooloffers a variety of entry options, advanced specializations, and flexible course delivery for those who wish to secure oneMSN.

      Master of Science in Pflege (MSN)

      TypicalMSNThe degree leverages the faculty's state-of-the-art facilities and practice network to provide students with a world-class education.

      MSN/MTS jMSN/MDiv Double Degree

      student oneMSNPrograms can also combine their education with a Master of Theological Studies (MTS) or Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree from Vanderbilt Divinity School.

      This is great forNursing studentswho are also interested in the practice of ministry.

      The program can be completed within four to five years.

      #9 (Draw) – Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio)

      In addition to the traditional Master of Science in Nursing with 11 unique specializations, OSUnursing schoolalso offers the following programs:

      Postgraduate entry Master of Science

      As the name of the program suggests, it is an accelerated program for non-carers.DiplomaWinning headlines aMSN.

      The program can be completed within three yearsfull timelearn.

      Masters in Clinical Research

      The interdisciplinary online graduate program trains students to become administrators and regulatory specialists with in-depth skills in leading and directing clinical research teams.

      In terms of research theory and practice, graduates of the course can expect a full spectrum of studio activities, especially with the specializations offered: Clinical Research Management and Regulatory Affairs.


      Isonline programis committed to a diverse perspective group by being open to all college graduates.

      The aim of the program is to generate great ideas and innovations in thehealthcareSector.

      Option Post-Master-Studium

      Explicitly designed forMSN-graduate nurses, the focusonline programconsists in offering certifications for second specializations or advanced specializations.

      Enrollers meet with a faculty advisor to formulate a unique curriculum that meets the requirements for the specialization.

      #9 (Draw) – University of California (San Francisco, California)

      Online-Master of Science incare programfrom the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work Department of Nursing specializes in family empowermentNurse.

      [email protected]- FamilyNurse

      The FNP program was formulated to meet the needs of primary care providers.

      prospects onlineadvanced practicenursing educationThey can have their needs met through this focused program.


      Best Nursing Schools in USA (2023): Find the One That's Right for You (4)

      The path to complete anursing educationIt is important for all people who want to take this profession seriously.

      Nursing is a science with many standard procedures and protocols that you need to know.

      Nursing is also an art because of the human component that makes you deal with patients and their families on a daily basis.

      These skills are experienced and taught for the first time during his tenure atnursing school.

      It's not an easy educational path, and that's because it's not an easy career either.

      Dedicate yourself to an excellentcare programit can portend success in your future career as a full-fledged nurse.

      frequently asked questions

      Best Nursing Schools in USA (2023): Find the One That's Right for You (5)

      Does it matter where you go to college to study nursing?

      No, it doesn't matter.
      What matters are your skills and your record. However, you should make sure that any university you attend is accredited for nursing programs.

      which is #1nursing schoolIn the USA?

      University of Pennsylvania'Snursing schoolhas the best placementBSN program.John Hopkins Universitynursing schoolhas the highest rankMSNProgram.

      What is the difference between an RN and aLPN?

      Astate registered nurse(RN) usually graduates with a BSN and passes theNCLEX-RN.
      A licensed practical nurse (LPN) usually ends with aADNand passes the NCLEX-PN. Both roles have different responsibilities in hospitals: LPNs typically handle patient monitoring and care, while RNs can diagnose, evaluate, and treat patient conditions.

      What is the Average Salary of a Registered Nurse in the United States?

      According to the Nursing Licensing Card astate registered nursehas an average salary of $77,460 in 2019, which varies by state.


      US News& World Report – BSN

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      US News& World Report –MSN

      Nursing License Card


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