An organized list of all currently leaked unreleased/implemented items in Destiny 2. (2023)

An organized list of all currently leaked unreleased/implemented items in Destiny 2. (1)

Last update: 03/03/2022


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(Video) deleting system32 (don't try this at home) #shorts

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Also, all Season 13 and Season 14 items that we already have in-game have been removed.
You can find more "leaks" at the following links:

season 15

  • Premieres on August 24, 2021 🌟
  • Season of the Lost🌟
  • New matching activity: The Shattered Realm (similar to Hack the Network)
  • Staffel 15 Story-Time
    • Mara returns 🌟
    • DC gets its degree 💀 (the curse stays)
    • Exempted and despised 🌟
    • Killed Savathun at the end of the season 🌟
    • It will not be revealed immediately 💀 (It was revealed immediately)
    • We found out that Osiris has been replaced by Savathun, she is behind most of the events this year 🌟
    • Crow & "Osiristhun" will have ongoing storylines throughout the year, culminating in S15
      (Raven interacts with Mara, Osiristhun unmasks) 🌟
    • Savathun will return the real Osiris if we free her from her worm, if we do that the traveler will give her the cursed light.
      and the hive has ghosts, 🌟
    • Savathun dies in S15 when we help her get rid of her worm 🌟
  • Bungie wants to place Trials of the Nine weapons in Prophecy with random throws 🌟
    • Prophecy Weapon Upgrade (Weapons from Trials of the Nine) (All can work with Osmosis and Demolitionist) 🌟 (not sure about the benefits)
      • Quick judgment (tipped over) 🌟
      • verdict 🌟
      • Last breath 🌟
      • A sudden death 🌟
      • Long Walk (Solar) 🌟
      • Darker Before (Arc) 🌟
  • "last hurray" for Warmind Cells, with a big nerf planned for S15 🌟
  • Crossplay is early S15 🌟
    • Optional matchmaking for PvP 🌟
  • strikes 🌟
    • Strikes have trouble repeating themselves 🌟 (Mentioned)
    • Regular = 10, DJ = 35
  • Infamy has been optimized to be faster 🌟
    • About 10 hours for a full reset
  • 2 new exotics 🌟
    • Heavy stasis trace rifle that consumes your super to use it 🌟 (it's actually kinetic)
    • Energy LFR with a "Bounty Hunter" cheat, the first buff is negative, the second buff provides a bonus on killing your "Bounty" 🌟 (Lorentz Driver)
  • Traveler's Chosen Catalyst (osmosis + fully automatic) 🌟
  • Exotic armor (all will change but still have similar concepts) 🌟
    • Gauntlets as shackles for nothing (from D1) 🌟
    • Boots like Radiant Dance Machines (from D1) 🌟
    • Gauntlets as no backup plans (since D1) 🌟
  • T15 Exotic Ornaments
    • Cloud Strike 🌟
    • Bakri's War Beast 🌟
    • Puños Corsair Necrotic 🌟
    • Zitan 🌟
    • Queen's Guard 🌟
    • sleep 💀
    • sorry 🌟
    • & More 🌟 (actually there was more)
  • The seasonal armor set is dedicated to the Queen's Guard (Think House of Wolves/The Reef) 🌟
  • The Eververse outfit has a "FL theme" (Lion fighting?) 🌟
  • Playlist Weapons 🌟
    • Rapid Fire Scout 🌟
    • Solar Suros Sidearm 🌟
    • Escopeta Arc Slug 💀
  • Ritual Weapon ist ein Arc Aggressive RL Frame mit Explosive Light 💀 (Solar Accuracy)
  • PvP
    • 3 stars for S15 🌟 (mentioned)
    • Balance of stasis and light in the coming seasons 🌟
    • S15 Universal Stasis Changes 🌟
    • S15 Light Fan 🌟
    • Duplicate your safety gear/bans
    • Anticheat still on the way (no specific news on SoD) 🌟 (added, see below)
    • Try changing how Glory works
      • Add it to Rumble
    • Evidence review (loot and matchmaking) 🌟 (mentioned)
      • Described as "a more complicated version of the crypt loot system"
      • Solo player stuff for trials 🌟
      • Trials Reward Rework 🌟 (mentioned below, nothing confirmed)
        • Based on how games are played on a map, you will be awarded a number of chips when it resets. 💀 (removed tiles)
        • These tokens allow you to purchase specific engrams and random roll loot. 💀 (removed tiles)
        • Playing with 7 wins offers high chances of getting high stat armor as well as a +16 stat spread
      • 2 ideas for test weapons:
        • LFR-Stasis 🌟
        • Stasis-Fusion
    • iron flag
      • A new IB armor is in development: Hunter game based on a yak (no idea about the other 2) 🌟 (sort of)
      • The IB hotfix seems to be set for S15 when this armor would come out 🌟
      • IB mods have been approved and are under review (the idea thrown out was a top shield to cover the 3 zones etc.)
      • 2 new banner weapons:
        • Stasis-Pistole 🌟
        • Adaptiver Sonnenpuls 🌟

Before the Witch Queen (season 16/filler season?)

(Video) The New Update Need's To Include What #nmsgalactichub Has Already Implemented - No Man's Sky

  • Sometime new dungeon this year:
    • Thorn themed armor set 🌟
    • D1 weapons (Eyasluna, Matador, etc.) 🌟
  • Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack 🌟
    • Release date: December 21, 2021 💀 (it's December 7th)
    • New PvP mode (no skills, only weapons) called "Hardware" 💀 (not before WQ, but maybe in year 5)
    • 4 new PvP maps new for D2 (2 new, 2 from D1) 🌟 (mentioned)
    • Prison of Elders is no longer planned, only the content seems to be New Dungeon, 2 Secret Missions and the PvP content
    • Bundle available between 15 and 16, Bungie wants the Halo CE Magnum in this bundle,🌟
      Dungeon (Unique Exotic), D1 Unvaulting Content, LOTS of Exotic Quests, Weapons, Armor celebrating Bungie,
      so halo and marathon links 🌟
    • New weapons from previous Bungie games: 🌟 Some
      • Halo Sniper (Exotic Hard) 💀
      • Halo Gravity Hammer (Heavy Exotic) 💀
      • Halo Battle Rifle (Legendary) 🌟
      • CE Magnum by Halo (Legendary) 🌟 (was exotic but still right with the gun)
      • Claymore by Myth (not sure) 🌟
      • GL from Paths and Darkness (not sure) 🌟
      • Marathon shotgun (not sure) 🌟
      • Halo weapons have a new recoil frame that increases your hip fire and mid-air accuracy 🌟
      • Possibly some Oni weapons/equipment as well
    • Private bubble in The Plains of Nine that acts as a treasure hunt for rare coins when you have accumulated 23
      can go to Xur and buy Gjallarhorn(s) 💀
    • Will be shipped with full cosmetic spread i.e. H. Emblems, Shaders, Ghosts, Sparrows, Ships 🌟
    • There will be confirmation of Halo stuff in Pack 30 very soon when development of S15 starts 🌟
    • The "Season" Pass Armor is Oni-themed
    • Halo armor for each class: 💀
      • Hunter: OUT 💀
      • Titan: Go to Spartan 💀
        • Master Chief wasn't the choice for the Titan armor set because it would be too "on the nose" for you
          Crossover, Carter's outfit is much more of a sci-fi hodgepodge 💀
      • Warlock: The referee 💀
    • 2 secret missions (both Halo themed) 💀
    • 1 of the 2 seasonal kits that work in the package and appear to be worth $75 sells for around $20
    • Apparently there will be a 30% discount on the Eververse sale around the time of the drop.
    • Little chance of one of the secret missions with a 3-player vehicle as Bungie played around with this concept.
      in RnD earlier this year but had netcode issues 💀 (lost due to netcode issues)
  • Anti-Cheat 🌟 (with variations)
    • Anticheat not next season but DEFINITELY this year 💀 (Available Now)
    • Anticheat wanted for Q2 2021
    • Anticheat (BattleEye) April at the latest, June at the latest 💀 (More like August)

witch queen

  • Releases on February 22, 2022 🌟
  • Early concepts for WQ armor (think trench coats/other western styles) 🌟
  • Theme: "Southern Gothic" and "Detective" 🌟
    • Twin Peaks mood
    • Internes Motto „Survive the truth“ 🌟


  • That line of text is here in case you accidentally try to read it.
  • Savathun gets rezzed by a spirit (fulfills all that devotion/valor/sacrifice stuff). 🌟
  • Bungie didn't want her to "steal" the light to keep Voyager and the Black Fleet morally gray. 🌟
  • It is revived in The Witch Queen (more on that in this section) 🌟

    (Video) Merge Two Sorted Lists - Leetcode 21 - Python

    • New Hive named Lucient Lieutenants. They take light attacks and are not friendly. 🌟
      • Lucent's lieutenants have full subclasses, e.g. Knights get sentinels, i.e. oppressors, barricades, etc. 🌟
      • Hive with ghosts will be a factor in the game 🌟
      • In addition to the Lieutenant and Ghost mechanics, they will have SIVA Splicer-like quirks (remember the No
        headshot thing) 🌟 (moths)
    • WQ-Campaign:
      • The campaign will last 8 missions, 5 will be of Omen quality or higher 🌟
      • Summary of the first mission:
        • You go to Mars, it's stuck in a past (grass)/present/future (consumed) rift 🌟
        • Go up a hill where you see the Dreadnaught for the first time 🌟
        • with Caiatl's Cabal Fleet fighting the Hive in the Box (very Phobos mission) 🌟
        • Teaming up with Ikora Rey, launch your way to the ship with a man cannon 🌟
        • Here you fight against a swarm guard for the first time 🌟
        • then you will find the portal to Savathun's Throne World 🌟 on board
        • You go through, find Savathun who sends you straight back to Mars 🌟
    • Savathun has us giving back her memories with "Deep Sight" like when her ghost revived her.
      I lost them all 🌟
    • She attempts to trick the Traveler into entering her throne world by attempting to isolate the outer universe from its light by using it
      a "big bowl", said "bowl" is also where the strike will be 🌟/💀 (no strike in the bowl)
    • After defeating Savathun in the campaign, he will tell you: "The witness is coming". 🌟
    • The traveler then takes his body and his spirit escapes. 🌟
    • The witness reveals himself "I've seen enough, I'm coming" 🌟
    • At the end of the campaign, the pyramid ship activates and begins the path to the raid
  • Weapons are at their memory limit at the moment just because of the Masterwork Spawn Orbs 🌟
    • so they remove that masterful aspect for the Witch Queen 🌟
    • We will create armor mods that serve the same purpose (that means ungrounded weapons will be able to spawn bullets) 🌟
    • 34 new weapons against Beyond Light's 14 🌟
  • Destinations:
    • Nessus and EDZ are jumped on 💀
    • Reworked Mars D1 (damaged by Taken & Hive) 🌟
    • Savathun Battleship (integrated into Mars bubble) 🌟(; probably)
    • Savathun's Throne World 🌟 (twice the size of Oryx' Dreadnought, 3 lost sectors)
  • Generally:
    • WQ will have the same secrets as Taken King Dreadnaught
    • New ultimate ornaments (imagine fancier exotic ornaments)
    • Forsaken goes F2P (jumped with Lightfall) 🌟/ 💀 (jumped with WQ)
    • Sparrow 2.0 planned but not final yet
    • A new Dye mechanic called "Deep Sight" learned during the campaign to erase Savathun's memories in 🌟
      his throne world, in addition to crafting weapons 🌟
    • New weapon type "Glves" 🌟 (it will be the second melee weapon type in third person (actually first person), have class based mechanics and only
      obtainable through weapon crafting)
    • The crafting system is crafting + upgrading dual weapons 🌟/💀 (We don't have dual weapons but yes you can craft and upgrade weapons)
    • 9 player PvE The Foothold downgraded to 6 player due to 9 player PvE being matchmaking and netcode
      no not to that
  • All future raids and dungeons have adept gear
    • Savathun kein Endgegner, and the Red Sea, and the Quria 🌟
    • The WQ Raid takes place on a broken pyramid in the throne world of Savathun 🌟
    • Hive or Taken as main enemies 💀 (Scorn and Taken)
    • Final Boss will be based on Darkness (probably the "Envoy of The Witness") 🌟
    • It's still touted as "the most ambitious raid ever".
  • Fifth Element: Counter System, "Steam" Element, DoT Type Beat Thorn 💀 (doesn't appear to be WQ, maybe LF)
  • The Savathun's Hive hatchling has a whitish-grey color palette with a dark blue accent for the eyes (seemingly very moth-like) 🌟
  • Attack modifiers mightpossiblyReturn to the Witch Queen
  • There is discussion of expanding Savathun's Dreadnaught to the size of later in the year
    Oryx Battleship at the end of the year
  • D1 Tower returns sometime during Y5
  • "Sparrow 2.0" possibly for Witch Queen (whatever that means, no details yet)
  • Subclass 3.0 🌟
    • 1 Element pro Saison 🌟
    • S16: Learn 🌟
    • Includes revisions, not just conversion 🌟
    • We would have all elements renewed for S18 🌟 (Probably)
      Clave de Savathun

Unknown or year 5

  • Public LFG in the tower sometime in Y5
  • Eververse Presents in Y5
  • 60% more sniper recoil
  • PC optimization fixes
  • About new Gambit stuff - "probably more stuff later"
  • a re-raid D1 on Y5 depends on the success of the VoG reception 🌟
  • Plan for queues so the Trials reward system is comparable to the DSC system
  • Talking about the Champ review (I still have no idea what that means)
  • Things that are and could be discussed internallypossiblyGo through the Witch Queen when given the green light:
    • Elimination of power levels
      • power play:
        • In S14, the power level only increases by 10 points 🌟
          • This is only a temporary solution until "World Without Power"
  • Studio is now openly discussing creating a "Ritual Team" for Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit to keep them informed at all times.
    each year separately from the 2 seasonally rotating teams
  • Approved Iron Banner Rework Details:
    • All new armor set for each class, the Hunter set is inspired by a Yak 🌟
    • There will be 2 new IB weapons, a kinetic shotgun and an LMG.
    • Each season you get 2 new OR reissued weapons and the 2 oldest ones are removed
    • The goal is to reignite interest in the Iron Banner playlist by revamping the loot structure and match rulesets.
    • Vendor is rated as Crucible/Strikes, no more tokens 🌟
    • At the start of an IB week, all player ranks with Saladin will be reset and start over.
    • Level up by playing matches, get +10% rank for each IB armor piece you wear, up to 50% (cannot wear a general ornament 🌟 / 💀 (over 50%)
      on the armor it must be an ib armor or an ib ornament)
    • Each IB emblem counts with +10% towards you being able to wear an exotic armor piece 🌟
    • At Rank 6 you can reset your Merchant Rank to earn the Emblem + Shader and earn better loot for each new level
    • There are 4 weekly rewards remaining, each granting a Greater Iron Engram and rank up
    • Added 2 daily and repeatable, gives rank progress
    • Iron Banner matches drop Iron Engrams or larger Iron Engrams NO BLUES OR WORLD DROPS HALLELUYAH
    • Major engrams grant weapons with exclusive IB perks and armor with high stats and 2 categories with 16+ stats.
    • The new armor sets will have an IB mod socket with ib specific mods granting everything from more supers to weapons.
      Damage bonus.
    • Match rulesets are being adjusted so things like hunting give extra weapon damage to the team but the other team
      a super power generation bonus.
      - It is designed to play like a custom version of Chaos, making the games short, fun and easy to play.
    • New title, IRON LORD. Guildable and as hard to win as perfect/conqueror. 🌟
    • Eververse IB stuff that acts as a "tip jar", like the zero hour mission decorations. Finishers, Emotes, Exotic Decorations, etc.
  • new title -gunsmith💀/🌟 (It's calledVigota)
    • Requires all weapon kill trumps and is gold 🌟
    • Not sure if trumps are retroactive or not (tend to yes) 🌟
  • 3 years after the new Lightfall DLC codenamed “Sunspot”


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