30 follow-up email subject line examples + tips (2023)

Ösubsequent emailit's one of the most important tools in a salesperson's communication arsenal.

In fact, in most cases, effective follow-up is the ticket to a deal made and won.

And while the body of the email communicates its message, the subject line often determines whether that message will be read.

Unfortunately thesubsequent emailRegardingit is often an afterthought. Sales reps need to remember that while the subject line is only a seemingly small part of the overall message, it is the first thing the reader sees. An opportunity can come and go in a split second, and sales reps need to weigh this carefully.

In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about writing a compelling follow-up email subject line that will make your message stand out from the crowd and encourage the recipient to open it.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Why follow-up care is so important
  • Formula for the subject line of the follow-up email
  • 30 Sample Follow Up Email Subject Lines
  • Best practices for follow-up email subject lines

Why follow-up care is so important

Many sales reps are wary of how and when to send follow-up emails for fear of coming across as pushy or incompetent.

The truth is,48% of salespeoplenever follow up, and 44% of those who do stop trying on the first try.

But sellers who avoid follow-up will undoubtedly lose -80% of customerssay no to four subsequent attempts before saying yes to the fifth.

30 follow-up email subject line examples + tips (1)Given these stats, it's clear that the follow-up email needs to be a carefully planned part of your overall outreach strategy.

The fact is, it's perfectly normal for a potential customer not to respond to your first attempts to reach them. The average email user gets more than120 E-Mails pro Tag- no wonder that some messages intentionally or unintentionally fall by the wayside.

The data shows that sellers who are persistent in their follow-ups will reap the rewards.

But how can they ensure their message gets noticed? It's not an easy task to grab a reader's attention when there are over 100 other posts to compete with.

That's where theemail subject linebelongs in

The subject line determines a lot about what happens with your follow-up attempt. In many cases, the only determining factor is whether your email will be read or not -47% of recipientsChoose whether to open an email based on the subject line only.

Let's dive into some surefire ways to make sure your subject line stands out from the crowd and gets your email opened.

Take the guesswork out Find out which subject lines are getting prospects to click

Formula for the subject line of the follow-up email

Large subject lines were displayed forGenerate open rates of over 85%. That's pretty remarkable considering thatthe average email open rate is only 12% to 25%.

How to write the perfect follow-up email subject line every time, no matter what market you serve or what product you sell.

(Video) 7 Subject Lines That Get Your Emails Opened

get personal

Most sellers know that their emails need to be personalized and tailored to the needs of the reader. Personalized emails are generated6x higher transaction feesas generics.

The same principle applies to subject lines. Lots of good subject linesinclude the reader's name, as shown below.

30 follow-up email subject line examples + tips (3)

You can also refer to a specific meeting date. This might refresh the reader's memory of the last time you spoke.

30 follow-up email subject line examples + tips (4)

The purpose of a personalized subject line is to grab the recipient's attention amidst a barrage of other messages in a way that makes them think, "This email was written specifically for me."

deliver value

Good sellers know their interactions with buyers need to bevalue based. The goal, of course, is to close the sale, but that goal is best achieved by offering value and advice to prospects before they even consider signing on the dotted line.

See how this subject line promises value to the reader.

30 follow-up email subject line examples + tips (5)

You can also reference an unanswered question from your last meeting or share a relevant blog post that you think might address it. Again, make sure that this content is personalized and tailored to a specific need.

keep it short

There are always exceptions, subject lines should generally be kept short. OurStudy email subject linesfound that open rates are highest when subject lines are between 1 and 5 words.

30 follow-up email subject line examples + tips (6)

The decision to open an email or not is made in a split second, and you risk losing that attention if the subject line is too long.

It's also important to remember that many readers navigate their inboxes via mobile devices, where subject lines are more likely to be truncated due to length. If you need to be longer than 10 words, make sure to put the important content first.

Time your streak

studies showthat 63% of interested prospects do not commit to a purchase for at least 3 months, with 20% taking more than 12 months.

That means you need to be prepared for the long haul and plan your subject lines accordingly. For example, after a two-month hiatus, wouldn't you come up with a subject line likeThank you for our meeting eight weeks ago.

consider thecadenceyour follow-up series to help you write the perfect subject lines. How often you reach out helps you convey the right tone, urgency, and value proposition. software likesimwarecan help you automate and customize this process.

Top:In ourSales Tracking Statistics Study, we have found that the most successful cadence based on responses is six beats over a period of approximately three weeks.

30 follow-up email subject line examples + tips (7)

30 Sample Follow Up Email Subject Lines

We've rounded up some of our favorite follow-up email subject lines that are proven to have above-average open rates. Many of them can be customized or customized to fit your personality or brand tone.

(Video) Thank You Email After Interview 3 Step Template [With Subject Line & Example!]

General Surveillance

1.Hello again from {your name or company name}

2.Nice to meet you, {name}!

3.Nice to meet you, {name}!

4.Hello {name},Check only

These subject lines are basic, simple examples that you can use for almost anyone you've had contact with before. They convey a warm but professional tone and show the recipient that you want to build a stronger relationship.

A Loose Sequel (With Some Intrigue)

5.HHey {Prospect Name}, remember me?

6.Hello {name}, I'm {your name}...

This subject line is certainly suitable for short words andcustom. It also piques the reader's curiosity with a question and asks them to refresh their memory. Both increase the likelihood that the email will be opened.

stand out from the crowd

7.Hello {name}, I think I got stuck in your inbox.

8.Did you miss that, {name}?

Who among us hasn't accidentally buried an important email in spam and promotions? These subject lines work because they recognize that the reader accidentally forgot their previous email.

If this is true, the reader will likely see and be able to open the follow-up more easily. On the other hand, if they intentionally disregarded the original message, that subject line might feel enough pressure to get back involved—nobody wants anyone else to feel forgotten.

Offer a specific time

9. Frei am {Date} a {Time}?

10. Call on {date}? 20 minutes?

This subject line gets straight to the point and provides claritySuggested date for meetings. The hope here is that the recipient will automatically check your calendar. If they are free, the subject line makes saying yes easier. If not, ideally they will suggest an alternative time (and if not, you can ask what works best for them).

offer value

11.New strategy {Department} for {Company}

12.First steps to improve {issue}

13.Here is the promised information

14.I saw this on {Social Media Platform} and thought of you

You really can't go wrong with onevalue basedReference. There are several ways to design them depending on the last contact date and they can be tailored to the specific needs and personality of the recipient.

(Video) What's a Good Email Subject Line for Cover Letters?

The value can be as simple as sharing a link to a blog post or as complex as coming up with a new strategy for your prospect. Regardless, the subject line should indicate to the reader that they will benefit from opening your email. And of course, make sure the content you provide appropriately addresses at least some of your interestspain points.

Mention a mutual acquaintance

15.{Mutual acquaintance} suggested I get in touch

16.Just got off the phone with {Mutual Acquaintance} and thought I'd give you a call

Showing your recipient that you share a common connection can put your email at the top of their priority list. It's okay to use names in this situation, as long as it's real (i.e. if you say you just spoke to them, make sure it's true). A recommendation can go a long way in generating an enthusiastic response.

Top:Get tried-and-true subject lines and email templates for your follow-ups below:

30 follow-up email subject line examples + tips (8)18 proven sales email templatesWinning email templates for cold leads, follow-ups, and nurturing relationships - backed by real-world data and examples.

find decision makers

17.Is there anyone else I can contact?

18.Should I stop contacting you?

Sometimes a lack of an answer means you're reaching out to the wrong person. You may need to contact someone with a different job title.

An effective way to solve this is to use the subject line to find out the truthdecision maker. This gives the recipient an "out", so to speak - he can forward the appropriate contact to you if you give him the opportunity to do so.

Create a call to action

19.Next steps for {name}

20.Complete by {date}

If you want to follow up on a successful meeting and keep the ball rolling, try using a call-to-action (CTA) in the subject line to nudge the recipient to the next step.

"Next Steps" grabs the reader's attention by suggesting that there is something to do in the near future. The alternative adds even more urgency by setting a deadline.

call for help

21.{name}, can you help me (maximum 5 minutes)?

22.{name}, I need your help! Please read.

Humans are biologically programmed to want to help each other - how else could our species have survived if we hadn't learned to cooperate and help each other when needed?

By writing a subject line asking for help, sales reps trigger this biological urge to engage and take care of one another.

Offer a less desirable alternative

23.I just left a voicemail

24.{name}, check your mailbox!

(Video) How to Write Effective Email Subject Lines

At least you knew that75% two millennialsAvoid calls whenever you can?

By writing a subject line that references a pending voicemail, you entice the prospect to open the email rather than worry about the lost voicemail.

That is akleina little sneaky so up the honesty factor by making sure you do itTeractually left a voicemail before using it as an "input" for the prospect to read their email.

Catch them with a compliment

25.Your {product or feature} is the best in the business (I researched it)

26.I just read your article, great thing!

27.Thank you again for the great performance yesterday

28.I saw your advert on LinkedIn - cool!

You know the saying, “Honey catches more flies than vinegar?” Well, this concept works for sales too.

Complimenting someone in the subject line can be a great way to garner enough favor to get them to open your email message. Just make sure it's genuine and relevant.

For example, don't mention an article you haven't read or don't agree with. And make sure you don't cross the subtle but important line from flattering to creepy — don't congratulate them on the new baby if it's not public or company-wide knowledge.

make it conversational

29.{name}, I forgot to mention that yesterday...

30.It came to mind when we met yesterday...

Making it sound like you need to wrap up something from a previous meeting — rather than a new request for another meeting or a signed contract — can make it easier for the recipient to get on board.

Again, honesty counts - don't say you "forgot to mention" something and then conveniently forget to address the "thing" you'd rather press for an answer. This is sneaky and manipulative.

Make sure you have a valid reason for concern before going down this route. They might even strategically "forget" to bring up something in the meeting only to email later; The important part is to be honest with your follow-up.

Best practices for follow-up subject lines

There are some best practices to keep in mind for follow-up email subject lines (bonus - they apply to cold emails too). Follow these tips to improve your response rates.

Stay away from clickbait

In any case, avoid subject lines that contain a lot of advertising or that trick the person into opening the email by alluding to something irrelevant. This is known as clickbait, and it's a surefire way to land on your recipient's social media.spam folder.

A good subject line should be enticing, but it also needs to be relevant to the body of the email.

Run A/B tests

If your open rates are lower than you'd like, or you find that you're consistently not getting replies to your emails,A/B-Testsis a really effective email marketing tool that will help you get to the bottom of your lack of results.

With A/B testing, you send two different subject lines to two different email lists within your target audience and compare your results. This can give you valuable data on what types of subject lines resonate best with your prospects and can help you create successful email campaigns that you can use again and again.

(Video) Email Subject Lines that Get OPENED! (tips + examples from 50% open rate emails!)

Consider testing some of the following strategies in your A/B tests:

  • Use a cliffhanger:A subject line that piques the recipient's curiosity can make an intriguing first impression. Test lines like "{NAME}, are you in?" or "{NAME}, what do you think?“. Just remember to make sure your email body follows this type of subject line.
  • Ask for a favor:Some sales reps are successful at asking the recipient to help them with something. This strategy can work well when you're looking for the right contact — "Hello {NAME}, can you help me get in touch with {DECISION MAKER}?"It's harder for people to ignore a cry for help than it is a public disclosure.
  • Name their behavior:In some cases, you can use your subject line to directly address the recipient's interactions with your email:"Hey {NAME}, you won't open my email. Is there something wrong?“. This is probably not the best strategy for the first email in a sequence, but it might work later when you have data available.

Be casual (but not too casual)

Believe it or not, a subject line is thatAlsoprofessional can sometimes look like spam. It's okay to be a bit casual in your subject line, using some of the tactics outlined above.

Using a recipient's name or referencing something they mentioned in your last meeting adds a personal touch and can increase response rates. It's also effective to use lowercase letters after the first word in the subject line; an all caps subject line sometimes gives the impression of spam.


What is a good subject line for follow up email? ›

"Pleasure chatting with you, [name]" Writing this follow-up email subject line shows your sincerity and reminds your recipient that you've previously conversed or met. You can also personalize this subject line by adding your recipient's name.

What is the best follow up email subject line after no response? ›

The subject line of your email should be clear and concise. Something like, “Following up on my previous email regarding [topic]” or “Checking in about [topic]”. You want to make it easy for the recipient to see what your email is about, so they can decide whether or not to open it.

What is a good subject line? ›

Good subject lines are often personal or descriptive, and give people a reason to check out your content. Whatever your approach, it's important to keep your audience in mind, and test different words and phrases to see what they prefer.

How do you politely follow up on an unanswered email example? ›

Let me know if there's anything you had questions about or need any more details. Tip: Be brief. Be polite by asking if they've looked it over rather than accuse or point out that you haven't received it yet. Add value by giving them context for the urgency if needed or urgency about the next steps.

How do you politely follow up after no response? ›

How to Write a Follow-Up Email After No Response
  1. Don't follow up too quickly.
  2. Ask yourself if you included a close in your first attempt.
  3. Resist the urge to re-send your first email.
  4. Write a truthful subject line.
  5. Start the message with a reminder of your last touchpoint.
5 days ago

What is the best subject line for a rejection email? ›

#1 Clear Subject Line

When writing a rejection letter, choose a concise subject line that is easy to understand. It should mention the company's name and job title so the candidate will be aware of what the email is about. For instance, you could simply mention, “Your job application for (Name of Company)”.

What subject lines get the most opens? ›

Making the subject line interesting could mean a number of things, so use this list to find an angle that you think your prospect might care about.
  • A recent news story in their industry.
  • A new statistic about their industry.
  • A question about a project they just started or finished.
  • An ask for their help.
Dec 13, 2022

What is the subject line for delay response? ›

Subject line — Slow to Respond: Hello, Thanks for your email. I am at [EVENT NAME] until [DATE] and may be slow to reply until then.

How do you write a follow up email example? ›

I'm just following up on an email I previously sent to you. I understand that you are busy, but I would appreciate it if you could review the email and respond to me as soon as you can. If I don't hear from you by the end of the week, I'll call you at your office.

How do you grab attention in the subject line? ›

Here are 10 ways to write compelling subject lines that catch your readers' attention:
  1. Keep it short and clear. The purpose of your subject line is to engage your audience and catch their attention. ...
  2. Create a sense of urgency. ...
  3. Personalize. ...
  4. Ask questions. ...
  5. Be honest. ...
  6. Use numbers. ...
  7. Offer real value. ...
  8. Include call to action.

What are some no no's in choosing subject lines? ›

We've curated a list of subject line mistakes to stay away from for better open rates and happier customers.
  • Writing a generic subject line. ...
  • Forgetting preheader text. ...
  • Not leveraging urgency in the subject line. ...
  • Not optimizing for mobile. ...
  • Shouting in the subject line. ...
  • Using special characters.

What is smart subject lines? ›

Smart subject lines are auto-generated titles suggested by the Marketing Suite for your outgoing emails.

What is important in subject line? ›

The best subject lines communicate the promise of value. In other words, your subject line has to convince the recipient that the email contains information or messaging that will improve their lives and/or their businesses. Build Trust.

How do you email professionally? ›

7 Useful Tips for Writing a Professional Email
  1. 1 Greet the person you're emailing. ...
  2. 2 Are you thanking the person, or are you responding to a recent message from them? ...
  3. 3 Explain why you're emailing. ...
  4. 4 Remember to keep it short. ...
  5. 5 Wrap up with a closing line. ...
  6. 6 Sign off with an appropriate closing. ...
  7. 7 Take a moment to proofread.
Jun 2, 2022

How to write a professional follow up email after no response? ›

How to write a follow-up email to a potential employer
  1. Send a thank you message. ...
  2. Give them time. ...
  3. Use a clear subject line.
  4. Write with a respectful and formal tone. ...
  5. Sell yourself. ...
  6. Keep your message concise. ...
  7. Keep things short. ...
  8. Briefly restate your goal.
Mar 16, 2023

How do you follow up on a network email with no response? ›

Email Subject: Following up on [job title] position

I hope you're well. I just wanted to check in with you about the [position] I interviewed for on [date]. I know you were hoping to have made a decision by now and was wondering if you had an updated timeline you could share.

How do you follow up on an email to a client with no response? ›

Always give the client a call-to-action

CTA examples: Include a 'schedule a meeting' link if you are following up to confirm a time to meet with them. Ask a clear question, for example, asking for a time to meet with them. Position your questions at the beginning and the end of the email if you are chasing information.


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